Thursday, July 21, 2016

Justin's versus Unreal Junk Food

Today is National Junk Food Day yet oddly I'm going to look at two products that might claim they would not qualify as junk food. One of these, Justin's, prides itself on Organic products that run seem to focus a lot on peanut butter. Now peanut butter can be a very good snack that most folks think is fairly healthy for you particularly if you aren't getting the kind that has added fats or sugars. The other product, Unreal, is all about unjunking junk foods by being gluten free, no trans fats, no GMOs, vegan, no preservatives, and no chemicals according to their labels. So I bought both of these on sale and I decided to compare them. I hope you have an opinion about these products because I expect to see your thoughts in some comments!

Both of these are dark chocolate peanut butter cups and as you can see they look very similar. However they are very different nutritionally. The Justin's has 230 calories for two cups but the Unreal has 180 for both cups; that's a 50 calories difference! Where is that difference coming from? The total fat difference is small, only 1 gram of saturated fat; similarly the difference in protein is only 1 gram. The difference is in the carbs -- Justin's has 21 grams with 1 grams fiber and 17 grams sugars; Unreal has 4 g fiber and 12 grams sugars. 1 gram sugar = 9 calories so the vast majority of the calorie difference is in the amount of sugars.

Inside the peanut is different. The Justin's is softer and oozed out a little but while the Unreal was firmer.  The Unreal has a much stronger dark chocolate smell, as soon as I opened it my nose told me "dark chocolate". Neither has a particularly strong peanut butter scent; if I didn't know it was peanut butter it could have been almost any other type of non-fragrance nut butter.

Finally there are the taste and texture differences. The Justin's is very inside, the dark chocolate shell did make a snap when I take a bite. The peanut butter has a light sweet taste and the chocolate is surprisingly dark given the lack of scent. The Unreal is a bit firmer and the peanut butter has a more roasted flavor. The shell is as bitter tasting and oddly doesn't blend as well with the peanut butter in the center, leaving a slightly bitter aftertaste. That's fine for me because I prefer more bitter chocolate.

I'm torn between these two. I like them for different reasons, I could see myself eating either of the again. So I need to know: Which do you prefer?

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