Saturday, July 23, 2016

Starfleet Worthy Chocolates

Do you plan to see the latest Star Trek movie when it comes out in a few weeks? Or do you hate the reboot and cling to the original? Or do you just love it all depending on the actors, director, and writers? Regardless of your geek leanings, we have some items from the StarTrek universe made by Tempting Sweets whose creator, Missy, you should have read our interview with earlier this week. You missed it? Go back and find it here. This first photo isn't great but I need to get a photo taken as soon as Tempting Sweets dropped some of their goodies off at my book table (I had sells but not enough to cover convention expenses). Back to Tempting Sweets. As you can see we got four treat-types from two science fiction worlds -- Star Trek and Star Wars. In honor of the new movie and in prep for the new series that CBS has announced, let's look at the Star Trek offering.

Star Trek insignia are a dual treat of peanut butter and milk chocolate as you can see here in this photo. This photo was taken at the convention, thus the black background which is giving everything a bit of a reddish hue. Different designs on the insignia represented different ships, different positions, and different periods within the Star Trek universe. This, I believe, is the "original" one from the TV series, the one most of us know... but I don't think the ones that Kirk and Spock wore were edible. The scent of these depends on which side you bring to your nose -- a light cocoa for the top, a light sweet peanut from the bottom. Biting into it makes little sound and if I bite with the bottom side down, the initial and final flavors are peanut butter, creamy, sweet, very fudge like with a streak of chocolate. If I bite with it flipped, this strengthens the chocolate flavor a lot, making the peanut butter a mild one that builds up but never displaces the chocolate. the two layers do try to separate from each other but once you start chewing they get mixed up pretty well. This isn't an intense flavor at all so easily accessible to the basic chocolate and peanut butter lover of all ages.

In this last photo I changed the background color so you can see these emblems in a new way. See how much color and lighting affect a photo? The colors that I see with my eyes are closer to those on the white background. Other senses are not affected by such changes. Tempting Sweets does not have a storefront, they sell on the convention circuit but you can check them out to see where they might be appearing next if you follow our links in this review. If you've tried the goodies from Tempting Sweets, leave a comment and let me know where you found and which fandom you ate.

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