Friday, August 12, 2016

Help the Pets with Yummies for Your Tummy

In just three months, I hope to once again be at Brown County Humane Society's Chocolate Walk in Nashville, Indiana. That's right, mark your calendars for November 12th to join all of us getting dozens of chocolate samples, walking several miles, hanging out with friends, seeing lots of wonderful pets, and helping a humane society with an out-alive rate in the very high 90%! This will be the 9th annual walk, wow! Tickets are $20 a person, less than a dollar per chocolatey stop on the walk. They are on sale now!

But let's talk about the previous walks and why we keep promoting this event on The Chocolate Cult.

The very first Chocolate Walked happened in 2008 if this is the 9th year of the charity event. The Chocolate Cult wasn't created until February 2009 and that first year, I didn't learn anything about the Nashville, Indiana event. However, as soon as I learned about it in 2009, I contacted my friends and asked who wanted to go with me. I got only one friend to go with me, Lisa, and she'll talk about her experiences on the walk in a later post. After my first Chocolate Walk (the event's 2nd) I did a massive four-part review of it.

Every year since then, I've been honored that the Brown County Humane Society has offered me two free tickets to the event so I can let you all know about it and go on the walk and then report on it. I have not missed a walk since the very first that I didn't know about. That's seven so far and I'm looking forward to my 8th in November.

Now, who is going with me this year? Who is going on their own? Leave a comment and let us know!

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