Saturday, August 20, 2016

How to Celebrate National Honey Bee Day with Chocolate

Today is National Honey Bee day! Earlier this summer, my hubby and I went hiking and after we hiked and got lunch we went on a trek to find Hunters Honey Farm. We've seen their big billboard signs along the highway into Martinsville, Indiana, but never tracked the place down. It was a lot of tracking it down. Our GPS and our cellphone were struggling to get internet connections and satellite feeds. But eventually we did find them and when we did, it was very different from what I had imagined. We received the products for free in exchange for our honest review; no other form of compensation was received.

We got two types of chocolate related honey products that I was told is made at the facilities on the honey bee farm. The first was a jaw of chocolate hazelnut honey spread from the refrigerator in the little shop you find at the end of the road into the farm. Keeping it refrigerated makes it thicker but a bit difficult to actually spread so I've been keeping mind just in my pantry. There is no nutritional information on this product so I can't tell how close it would be to just using honey versus a chocolate hazelnut spread. By taste, it is far more honey than chocolate or hazelnut but the chocolate comes out more powerfully than the nuts at least. It is very good on toast or other bread products and it spreads so well if you don't refrigerate it that one tablespoon is plenty.

We also got two honey cluster candies -- Honey Pecan Cluster and Honey Peanut Cluster. Both of these had milk chocolate which again fades into the background because the honey is the primary flavor. But given this is Hunters Honey Farm, I would expect nothing else. I enjoyed both candies while my hubby enjoyed the peanut one which is safe for him to eat.

We really wanted to take a tour of the bee farm but it turns out that you have to call ahead to schedule such a tour. But they did have a hive in the store arranged so you can look in at an active colony. The farm put a big dot on the queen, who is only a bit bigger, not five times as large as I thought she might be given my pop culture knowledge of bees, so I had fun watching her and the other bees for several minutes.

The shop has a lot of products including books and decorations, as well as a wider range of honey food items from BBQ sauce to ice cream to the candy and several varieties of honey spread.

If any of this sounds delicious or interesting to you, look up Hunters Honey Farm and make sure you contact them ahead of time to arrange a tour. When you go, tell them that you learned about them from The Chocolate Cult!


Emilie Johnson said...

Very interesting place. I have tried to find it and given up before, I will have to try again!

TammyJo Eckhart said...

The signage is not great and we found that we lost GPS connection, too. Definitely not something to look for late in the day when it might get dark.

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