Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Darker Brownie Brittle Snack

You might recall our Brownie Brittle party. No? You can check it out here. But since that party, Sheila G. has introduced new varieties and lines of those delicious brownie in cracker form. Earlier this week, we introduced you to Sheila G. herself and today is the first of four feature articles looking at these new flavors and the new organic line of Brownie Brittle. Now we're going to look at just one of the four samples of her product that her company sent us. We'll cover the three organic varieties in later posts but let's begin with something I hope will become a favorite of mine: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. The Sheila G's Brownie Brittle company sent us samples of their four newer flavors in exchange for us testing them out and writing honestly about our experience with the product them here on The Chocolate Cult; no other form of compensation was received.

Let's start by looking at the product itself. This was a perfect addition to my hubby's birthday party since the bags are a deep purple color (purple is his favorite color, too). While his theme was video party and most of the snacks were junkie, putting this out allowed me to offer some folks a more sophisticated snack choice. There are 5 servings in a 5 ounce bag, each with 120 calories that is made up mostly of carbs in the form of sugar; 14 grams of sugar to be precise. For a sea salt product these have surprisingly little sodium, just 100 mg a serving. By the way it is a lie that sea salt products are innately healthier for you, it depends entirely on how much you use of it just like with any ingredient! In terms of ingredients from the cacao tree, the brittle is made with cocoa processed with alkali and the chips in them are made with unsweetened chocolate and cocoa butter. There are many other ingredients as well in this product including potential allergens like wheat, eggs, soy, and milk. One extra thing I really like about this company is that they are a "Proud supporter of cookies for kids' cancer" and that is a charity we've supported for the past five years on The Chocolate Cult through their The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap in December.

We tried the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Brownie Brittle two ways -- plain and with a sweet dip. These are a good size, if you can find an unbroken piece (not much luck for us in these bags). You could make small frosting sandwiches as I did when I was a child or even mini s'mores. The chocolate chips are visible in each piece but I don't see sea salt crystals which I think is a very good thing since that can be overdone and then saltiness becomes the main flavor. These are very crunchy with each bite and chew. The first flavor is sweetness that becomes tinged with cocoa until you hit a chip then there is a burst of darker chocolate before it all fades into a good balance of chocolate, sweetness, and flour with just a slight hint of salt. This lower salt flavor is great when you eat them alone but I was expecting it to be much stronger so with the sweet dip it was a bit too sweet. To learn about that dip and our previous experience with Brownie Brittle, check out this post, don't worry it will open in a new tab so you can come back here and keep reading.

I really love these treats but I'm looking forward to the organic varieties will tackle next and I bet a lot of you are as well. Is the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Brownie Brittle Sacrament worthy? Almost, I'm hoping the organics ones will definitely meet our high standards. Brownie Brittle is getting out into stores but you can also buy it online. I have not seen all of their varieties in our local stores in Indiana. Have you? Leave a comment and let me know not only where you've seen Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Brownie Brittle but if you have tried it yourself.

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