Saturday, September 10, 2016

Back to School Snacks for Whole Family

After all that summer fun school might seem a drag, not just for kids but for parents, too. I was sent a snack product that I think you might all enjoy as you are heading back to classes. Sahale Snack bars. Currently Sahale has four varieties of their snack bars -- two with white chocolate and two with dark chocolate. I was sent two varieties (one white and one dark chocolate) via the Crowdtap program and today I want to look at them. One of the them included coffee so I had help testing that one but the other one, I wanted all to myself. In our first photo you can see the entire Sahale package I was sent to test out but I've written about two of these already so I won't repeat that information today. I received no other compensation for this review.

Let's start with the Salted Caramel Apple Pecan bar that I kept to myself. If you have tree nut allergies, stay away because this has cashews, pecans, and almonds; it also has milk and soy if those are concerns for you. As you can see see the bar is set in layers. with the dark chocolate (made with chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, and vanilla) on the bottom and drizzled over the top.  This is indeed enough chocolate to infuse the entire bar with it. The first flavor is the chocolate with a salty tang, the nuts blend fairly well but I believe the almonds are a touch stronger. From the first bite and with each chew the is a loud crunch and snap ye the bar is soft and easy to bite into and eat. The bar has a very tangy, salty scent and this is where the chocolate is the weakest. Each bar is 1.4 oz and measures 3 X 1.25 X 5/8th inches in shape. It clocks in at 200 calories. I did like it a lot but I think I'd have to try a few more of their chocolate varieties to be certain if this would be their best chocolate variety.

The other bar was the Almond Vanilla Latte made with white chocolate. I had a few friends try this bar out. It is the same size, shape, and calories as the previous bar. In terms of allergens this has almonds, cashews, milk, and soy. The white chocolate is really white chocolate made from sugar, cocoa butter, milk, and vanilla -- all organic ingredients. It has coffee extract as well as roasted ground coffee but the label does not give more specifics about the beans. Collectively the group that tried this bar thought that it had a good balance between the flavors and the textures; some testers thought the coffee flavor could have been stronger. In this case the white chocolate is what made the latte part of the name work because the base of white chocolate and the drizzle together infused the entire bar with the creaminess and vanilla.

Sahale has two other bars with chocolate as well now and if they'd send them to me, we be sure to test them out and then declare their best bar. Until then I'm curious as to what the rest of you who have tried any of the four varieties of Sahale snack bars think about them. What was your favorite? One of the two white chocolate or one of the two dark chocolate bars?

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