Monday, October 31, 2016

Best Halloween Treat 2016

We had a small pool of Challengers for our Annual Halloween Treat Challenge but what we had was quality. Let's review before I name the winner.

UNREAL Halloween themed candies and peanut butter cups are made with natural ingredients and come in easy to hand out and use single servings. The decoration on both types make it very appropriate for tonight's celebrations.

Yolli's candy melts are a great way to make your own treats for parties but many places frown upon homemade treats. The quality of the melts in terms of texture and flavor varied also we discovered through testing.

Enjoy Life's Snack Pack were not Halloween specific but their being free of many common allergens, being real chocolate, and come in easy to handle and hand out pouches makes them a good choice for Halloween.

Ultimately our choice has to be a the one that best balances the needs of Halloween. Without a doubt that is the UNREAL candies and peanut butter cups.  Congratulations to the 2016 Halloween Treat Winner: UNREAL!

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