Saturday, October 8, 2016

Energy Shot from a Cookie?

We've covered quite a few chocolate, cocoa, and chocolate chips cookies here on The Chocolate Cult but we haven't covered energy drinks or energy bars yet. Today we're going to tackle our first energy cookie! Yup, a chocolate cookie infused with caffeine called a Smart Energy Cookie from a company called Get Up and Go. I am not a fan of coffee, as you may well know from reading this blog, but in this case the caffeine isn't from coffee but from coffee bean extract so I'm hoping it won't taste or smell like coffee. Besides the coffee bean extract, this Chocolate Chip Smart Energy Cookie's chips are made with chocolate liquor and cocoa butter as the first and second ingredients. The other ingredients are pretty standard for cookies (fruit juice though!) with allergens of soy, milk, eggs, and wheat. I received two free samples of the Chocolate Chip cookie variety from Get Up and Go through the Tomoson program in exchange for an honest review; no other form of compensation was received.

As  you can see, the two cookies vary in color and slightly in size. As soon as I opened the plastic wrapper there is a sweet cookie dough scent from the lighter colored cookie and a sweet wheat scent from the other cookie. The chips are visible and seem average sized and there are many of them in each cookie. The chips have a strong chocolate scent to them when I break them open and bring them to my nose to get a deep whiff of them. I try the darker cookie first: It is soft but the outside is a bit crispy, the flavor is not as sweet as the scent suggested, but the chocolate chips are definitely on the sweeter side; I do not taste anything remotely like coffee. The lighter cookie: Softer, no crispiness, less intense wheat flavor and oddly less sweet even the chips taste sweeter. Was one cookie baked a minute longer? Odd but time in the oven can have a big impact on the flavor of baked goods. I notice in the case of both cookies that the caffeine kicks in within three bites and it is pretty intense; but then I'm not a big caffeine consumer so it might hit me harder than you. It makes me feel more awake, makes my vision seem a big zoomed out, and any tension in my head and neck disappeared. In other words, very similar to the effects I can get from 80% dark chocolate.

Chocolate Chip Smart Energy Cookies are the main products from Get Up and Go but they also have two types of brownies which I'd love to check out in the future. Have you tried them? If so, leave a comment and tell me what  you thought of them. If not, do you think this is the type of product you'd like to try in the future?

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