Friday, November 4, 2016

5 Ways to Celebrate National Candy Day 2016

Today is National Candy Day which may seem ridiculous considering that it was just Halloween. But think again. You might have a lot of leftover candy so how could you celebrate today's fun food holiday without just stuffing your mouth with the remnants of the spooky season. I'm going to suggest five ways to celebrate this fun food holiday including a candy bar you may have seen in your local stores. I got one candy bar for free using my Kroger loyalty card; no other form of compensation was received for using it in today's article.

1. Try a candy you haven't tried before.

I tried this Snickers Crisper bar. I hadn't even seen it in store until it become a Friday Freebie at our local Kroger. It was good especially since it was free!

2. Make some Bark.

If you have chocolate, any variety, milk it, and then very quickly stir in tiny pieces of candy but don't let that candy melt. Then pour it out and let cool so you get a candy bar bark. Bark really is that simple to make. Just break it into pieces once it it thoroughly cooled, don't worry about pieces being equal, this is bark. If you don't put this in the refrigerator you could use semi-soft candies for it as well.

3. Doll up your brownies.

Make brownies as you normally would but after pouring half of the batter into your pan, stir in 1-2 broken up candy bars or a couple of dozen candy pieces and pour that batter on top. This will stop the candy from sinking entirely to the bottom of the baking pan. Be careful if you are considering hard or soft candies for this, they can be tough on your teeth so stick to to chocolatey candies you can break up or toss in.

4. Decorate, decorate, decorate!

Use candies to add some decoration to the top of cupcake, cakes, brownies, bars, and ice cream. This can be a kid friendly activity, too, if you pre-break up the candy bars or use candy that is already in small pieces. If you are thinking of decorating ice cream, consider the difficulty of chewing, it will only get worse when the candy gets cold.

5. Show you care.

Make up little gift bags or boxes of candy and hand them out to neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family today. Consider the likes, dislikes, and allergies of those you are going to give these out to please. You can use tiny plastic baggies, little boxes, netting closed with ribbon, almost anything can think of. Add a note saying who it is from (or not if you want to be anonymous) and that it is National Candy Day you hope they are celebrating.

Will you do any of these 5 things to celebrate National Candy Day today? Leave a comment and let me know!

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