Thursday, November 10, 2016

Does Jif Kick Up Peanut Butter?

Through the Crowdtap program I had the opportunity to test out the new Jif Peanut Butter flavored with Cinnamon. Have you seen it in stores yet? Well, I tried it three ways and today I want to share my two recipes that used chocolate as well as the spread. First I tried it on toasted English Muffins and let my family test it out this way. The peanut butter has a good roasted flavor and isn't too sweet. Just to put that in context, I prefer natural peanut butter without artificial ingredients or too much added sugars. The cinnamon is a light scent and the heat and flavor of the cinnamon builds up with each bite and each chew. Everyone in my family liked it. Other than the 12oz jar of spread in exchange for a review, no other form of compensation was received.

Of course, this is The Chocolate Cult so I had to also see how this would work with chocolate. My first "recipe" is really simple. Take the toasted English Muffins and top with just one serving of the spread. I used one packet of the Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Mini Chocolate Chips we covered a few weeks back before Halloween and sprinkled them on the spread. This is important because the mini chips won't stick to the berries. The berrie are next. add a few blueberries to your taste but don't overload it or there won't be room for the strawberries. I halved my strawberries adding three halves as you can see in the photo. You could try other berrie too but I picked these for their slightly tart yet cool sweetness that could balance out the roasted peanut butter, the heat of the cinnamon and the intensity of the chips.

I made sure to hide the rest of the Jif because I wanted to try it in cocoa peanut butter cookies. I've made cookies like this before and here is the weird thing: these cookies, with the Jif Cinnamon Flavored Peanut Butter didn't taste like much of anything. It was as though the ingredients were too balanced and canceled each other out. I'm not sure what is to blame. When I've made peanut butter cookies in the past and substituted out some of the flour for baking cocoa and I can taste the cocoa, the butter, the sugar, and the peanut butter but that was not the case here. The peanut butter was an aftertaste only and the cinnamon didn't come through at all. I can't recommend this product for baking. I won't share this recipe with you because it was a failure but here is a photo of the cookies themselves.

So have you seen and used Jif's new Cinnamon Flavored Peanut Butter yet? What did you think of it?

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