Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hot Gift that is Sweet to Give or Receive

240Sweet is a hot little company, literally and figuratively. We have featured their gourmet marshmallows many times here. Their creations are award winning, their chefs award winning. Today I want to share a hot gift you might want to give to your loved from 240Sweet -- Hot Chocolate Gift Set which is new for 2016. Furthermore, 240Sweet is offering a special coupon for readers of The Chocolate Cult but you have to keep reading to learn what that is after our full feature article today. Get in a comforty setting and get ready to try out their decadent hot chocolate and gourmet marshmallows with us. 240Sweet set me the decadent hot chocolate mix along with two types of their gourmet marshmallows (bourbon brown sugar and sugar cookie) in exchange for an honest feature article about their product.

Let's look at the marshmallows and the hot chocolate on their own first because when you add marshmallows to hot chocolate it does affect the flavor of both. Both of the bags have 10 petite gourmet marshmallows in them and as you'll see they vary in size. The bags unfortunately are not resealable so if you don't plan to use them right away have a bag or container of your own; based on previous experience I recommend using them within a week or so after you open them.

240Sweet Bourbon Brown vs Sugar Cookie

We'll start with the Bourbon Brown Sugar Marshmallows that you can see in our previous photo is slightly tan in color. There is a solid bourbon scent  but no alcohol sting in either fragrance or taste. There is a sweetness that builds with each chew and lingers for minutes afterward.

Next we tried the Sugar Cookie Marshmallows on their own, they are very white and have white edible sugar pearls on the top of them. These smell just like sugar, simple, basic, sweet. The vanilla burst of flavor when I take a bite is unexpected and intense but it really does make this taste like a sugar cookie. The pearls add crunch but I don't think that they add much flavor; I wonder if they will melt in the hot chocolate... let's find out!

Of course, given that this is The Chocolate Cult our real focus is on the Decadent Hot Chocolate mix. The instructions on the back label of the bag read "Whisk 4 Tbs of mix into 1 cup of boiling milk for 3 minutes." I measured out the mix and it is approximately 5 servings worth per these instructions. (there are also fondue directions but I didn't do both) Note: In my household we only use skim milk. Alone it is still creamy, a touch dark, and no other flavors, a good basic foundation.

What happens when you add the marshmallows to the hot chocolate?

When we added the sugar cookie marshmallows. The marshmallows get soft very quickly especially if you cut them up but they do not melt very quickly at all, you have to keep stirring them to get them to melt. The sugar pearls did not melt so if you don't swallow them you will find them at the bottom of your mug; I thought taking a photo of that was a bit icky so here you have them floating in the hot chocolate but you can see the pearls right there.. These marshmallows add a lot of sweetness to it but also butteriness: it is like dunking a sugar cookie into hot cocoa one of my testers declared with a grin.

Finally we added the bourbon brown sugar marshmallows. The first thing I notice is that the bourbon fragrance gets stronger and stronger as the marshmallows melt, something I did not notice with the sugar cookie variety. The intensity of the marshmallows remains very bourbon if you try one before they thoroughly melt. Again stir to make them melt faster. The intensity of flavor change to the hot chocolate depends on how many of the marshmallows you use -- one is a slight change, two is balanced, three is a bit too much. I didn't like these as much as the sugar cookie marshmallows in terms of what they added to the hot chocolate foundation. And yes, if you spotted, it this was my 240Sweet mug I got a few years ago which I still have and still use.

The flavors of gourmet marshmallows changes often at 240Sweet so I haven't linked to these products specifically. You just have to check them out and see what is currently available.

Here is the exclusive discount code for
$10 off the Peppermint Hot Chocolate Kit
Coupon Code: thechocolatecult

It is true that the kit in this offer doesn't include the same gourmet marshmallows that we tested for you today, but it still has the same decadent hot chocolate mix. We've had enough of 240Sweet's varieties of marshmallows to know the ones in this kit are very likely to be good.

So who out there is going to check out this offer for a holiday gift or treat for yourself?


mavido79 said...

I do love their marshmallows. So very tasty.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Always some unique flavors and now they have a couple of hot cocoa mixes, too.

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