Saturday, December 3, 2016

Color Your Candy Dreams

If are you finally starting to think about gifts for the winter holidays consider non-food chocolate related items that can give joy for far more time than a box of chocolate could. You might be shocked that I, Your Chocolate Priestess, would say such a thing remember our mantra -- Moderation and Purposefulness when it comes to chocolate. We've looked at many non-food and non-drink products in the past but today we're venturing into coloring books. I'm betting that right now in your life you have a friend or family member, perhaps your partner, who is into adult coloring. Today we're going to look Sweet Dreams: A Caboodle of Candy by Donna Linder. This is a coloring book geared toward adult colorists though there is nothing about the topic (sweet treats) that would require one to be an adult to enjoy coloring the pages. The artist sent me an ebook copy of her creation so that I could examine it, color pages from it, and then reveal it to all of our readers on The Chocolate Cult; no other form of compensation was received in exchange for this article and a review on

The book in either physical or ebook format includes 29 images of candy and baked goodies for you to color as you like. While it doesn't matter in an ebook format, the author assures me that the physical book has only one image per page. If you recall we interviewed her and shared that interview with you all on Wednesday. Most of the pages are mandalas, a circular shape with repeated patterns, but a few are not. Many of the candies in the images would not normally be chocolate but you can color them however you wish. Personally I wish a lot of chocolate so my browns got a full workout when I colored some of these pages. I used gel pens, markers, crayons, brush pens, and even a sharpie or two. Remember to put a blank page under the one you are coloring if you use sharpies and some very wet gel pens. Would you like to see a couple of the pages I colored?

This is the first one, page 9 is combination candies and pastries, cupcakes in this case. I made both the cake and the frosting on them chocolatey in this case but everything else more hard candies though not traditional colors.

The second one is page 23 all truffles! I made this in four tones then color coded the marks as truffle makers often do whether or not the chocolate is dark, milk, semi-sweet, or white.

If this coloring book looks like something you'd like or a loved one would like, follow the link below to find your own copy of it. I really liked it and had hours of fun with it.


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