Monday, December 19, 2016

Multiple Chocolate Courses Delight at FARM

When you think of college towns you might not think fine food but here in Bloomington, Indiana, we have restaurants of all types including a farm to table delight called FARM. I have been to FARM for brunch, lunch, and dinner in the past but last week I was honored to be invited by our friend Sam Aulick from 240Sweet to one of the special meals at FARM, a French meal with a wonderful Buche de Noel to end it. However allergies prevented me from trying the full meal but Chef Daniel Orr came up with several chocolate dishes for me and my hubby to try so we could share it with you all today. This included delicious main courses, cocktails, and desserts. Get ready to be thrilled.

I went to FARM for this special meal on Wednesday, December 14, 2016, in the evening and getting photos outside was difficult. Inside I sat in the bar area and the lighting wasn't ideal. I was provide with a few photos as well but please bear with me for these photos. I may also share some of FARM that I have taken in the past just to give you a good idea of what the venue looks like. This first photo is of the outside of the restaurant around 7pm.

FARM at Night

Our first course were entrees prepared by Chef Bob Adkins. I had Ribs Mole while my spouse had Broiled Salmon. The ribs were falling off the bones and onto my plate as I ate them. The sauce had a crunchy texture at first, a nice sweetness and a light cocoa edge. This is not part of their online menu so I was particularly honored when I was served this. If you love ribs and if you love mole sauce, you need to try this out.

FARM Ribs Mole
The bartender, Doug Spadley, created two chocolate drinks for us. The first was a twist on a chocolate margarita with chili that started off tasting like a chocolatey eggnog but hit your mouth with a strong kick after about 30-40 seconds, each sip built on the previous one so it was an ever changing experience. The other drink was called a NAFTA because it had international ingredients but the highlights were whiskey, chocolate, and bacon. It was smooth, buttery scotch, with an edge of cocoa bitter that did not disrupt the smoothness. By the way, this was my first experience with whiskey and I really liked it.

Then we had two wonderful desserts, created by Pastry Chef Julia Kingery. The Buche de Noel with chicory creme Anglaise and Chantilly cream that came with the French male as well as chocolate truffles and lemon and coconut congolaise macaroons. Normally I am not a coconut fan that's why we have a Chocolate Coconut Acolyte afterall, but these were crisp and lemony, particularly good when I dipped them in the cream. The buche de noel was light and sweet, the chocolate hazelnut swirl balanced very well with the vanilla flavors.

Buche de Noel at FARM December 2016

My hubby had chocolate pave' and and got a bite -- it was wonderful, too!

While I didn't have the full French Meal, FARM is going to continue to offer it so I hope you will all check it out soon.

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