Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Stocking Stuffer Freebies 2016

As you know, I share some of the Friday Freebies I get through my Kroger loyalty card from time to time here on The Chocolate Cult when those freebies have to do with chocolate in any form. Today I want to look at two possible treats you could give or get as an extra little gift depending on your holiday traditions. Both of these have more of a "Christmas" feel to them but they are more the mass culture version of the holiday versus the religious meaning for some people. These are the Snickers Tree and the Twix Santa.

We'll start with the Snickers Tree. Yeah, not a strong tree shape, more of a tree imprint but at least it isn't just the candy bar with a tree stamped on it. Basically it is the evaluate of eating 70% of the most commonly found size of Snickers but with only around 55 few calories. You have the milk chocolate candy coating, the peanut layer on the bottom and the caramel on the top.

The Twix Santa is oval in shape and is a single bar -- is it right or left? Did the imaginary rivalry come to an end to create this for the holidays? This is basically the milk chocolate coating, the cookie layer and caramel. Very similar to the Snickers when you stop and think about it -- just switch out the peanut layer for a thicker cookie layer and a less sweet more tangy caramel. This is almost a full ounce smaller than the most Twix bars, you only get 50 fewer calories, or a fourth less calories.

Neither of these were particularly well-crafted in terms of their shapes but they did taste just like the candy bars and they were free. That's something, right? Do you have someone in your life that you think would like one of these for the holidays? Have you picked up any yet? Leave a comment and let me know please.


mavido79 said...

Tim Tams last week and candy bars this week? Woo hoo! Love my Friday Freebies

mavido79 said...
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TammyJo Eckhart said...

This was the Friday Freebie a few weeks back.

I find it a good way to try products or just get something I wouldn't otherwise try out.

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