Thursday, December 15, 2016

Watch Stars Wars with Chocolate!

Tomorrow, a new Star Wars movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, premiers. To celebrate I want to share three creations from Tempting Sweets that have a Star Wars theme. I'm not saying you should break any theater rules... but these might be nice to enjoy while you are watching the new movie or rewatching previous films in the series to get ready (I recommend IV). We'll exam these treats in order of ascending chocolateness.

Stormtrooper Heads are white with edible black paint to add features. Edible paints can be a challenge to find and tricky to you but they are perfectly safe to consume. Sometimes they can affect the flavors so we'll need to see how these are affected. I think they look pretty darned good, don't you? These have a strong vanilla and milky scent with an undercurrent of sweetness. As you may know, I'm not a big white chocolate fan but I try to keep an open mind. These have a creamy flavor to begin then build up to a sharp vanilla taste with each bite. As far as my taste buds can discern the black sections do not change the flavor at all. For those of you who really love white chocolate or vanilla, these are perfect for you.

Chewbaccisicle is basically milk chocolate on a stick. It looks like the dark part is not dark chocolate but edible paints that have been used. Something we saw above in the stormtrooper heads and we'll see below with the final treat. Chewie has a strong vanilla milk chocolate scent to him. Taking a bite off of his head, let me put the poor boy out of his misery immediately, it makes a sharp snap because of the thickness. The chocolate is creamy, a bit buttery actually, with a building up of vanilla with each chew. Allowing a bite to just melt on my tongue requires some patience because as with most molded chocolates, this would require more added ingredients to help it maintain the desired shape longer. As it melts, the vanilla come out very strongly but so does the sweetness but not that buttery creaminess so much even though the melted chocolate certainly coats my tongue. This would be a neat treat for almost any age as long as you feel safe with the stick. The stick, by the way, didn't interfere with my eating it at all plus it kept my fingers chocolate free!

Han Solo in Carbonite looks amazing, doesn't it? The sheen is shiny silvery metallic and the details from the mold really look like the scenes in The Return of the Jedi where we seen frozen Han when Leia is trying to rescue him... sorry to geek out you all! The small ones are adorable but the big is pretty big coming in at 77 grams or 2.77 ounces! It starts to melt immediately in my fingers singling that this is made from a fairly pure couverture. The scent indicates that this is a dark chocolate but the exact percentage I'm not sure, I'd guess between 55% and 65%. Surprisingly the bar does not make a sound when I take a bite. This has a creamy flavor with an edge of something perhaps floral, not the sharp vanilla I was expecting. It is still very sweet so I'm guessing close now to the semi-sweet or under 50% cacao content. It melts very quickly if I just let it set on my tongue and that brings out the sweetness of the chocolate. This is my favorite of these three which is not surprising since I'm a dark chocolate fan.

Did you love these? Where can you get them? Check out Tempting Sweets online to learn where they are selling their goodies next.

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