Saturday, January 14, 2017

Popcorn & Movies with a Shake of Chocolate

January 19 is National Popcorn Day. What goes with popcorn better than movies? How many of you like to eat popcorn when you watch movies either at home or in the theater? I'm sure you've heard of chocolate covered popcorn, we've looked at some here in the past, but what if you could have flavored popcorn without the calories you'd give covering it with chocolate? Kernel Season's offers flavored popcorn seasonings in a variety of flavors and I received Kernel Season's Sweet Seasoning Variety Pack, 2.85 Ounce Shakers (Pack of 3)through the Amazon Vine Program; I've been reviewing products via this program since the late spring of 2008! No other form of compensation was received.

Of the trio, we're most interested in the Milk Chocolate Caramel variety for obvious reasons but we did try all of them and the assessment of this one flavor applies to all three flavors. The ingredients are straightforward: pure cane sugar, chocolate, cocoa, caramel flavor, milk, caramel color, vanilla, salt, and silicon dioxide (to keep it from caking up so you can keep shaking it out). 1/2 tsp of this product has only 5 calories and that would be great if the product stayed on the popcorn but it simply doesn't do a very good job of that because just like salt without butter does, the crystals just slips right off the kernels. I dipped a finger into some of the seasoning and yes it does indeed taste like milk chocolate and caramel but the big problem, the one you can't get around is that won't stay on the popcorn. Adding butter only means adding more calories and if you are fine with that, you could also just sprinkle powdered cocoa on the popcorn and have the same amount of calories but a much stronger cocoa taste and I bet you have some cocoa powder in your house already, right? Another possibility you could try is spray "butter "on your popcorn if you wanted fewer calories but the seasoning to stick but I didn't particularly like the resulting flavor of the spray products.

All of this said, this trio of Kernel Season's flavorings taste as labeled even if you do need an extra step to get the flavoring to stick to your popcorn. If you don't want a trio of flavorings to try out you could just get the one we were most interested in by clicking on the image below. If you've tried this product yourself and disagree or agree with our assessment, we've love to see a comment from you. If you've found a better but similar product, please do let us know, too.

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