Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Kissimmee Chocolate Discoveries

Old Town Signage
This series of "On the Road" articles is a bit late because I came back from a wonderful 25th Wedding Anniversary vacation very sick, and I'm still not completely well, but I can at least get started on the series. Today and for five more posts throughout the next couple of weeks, I'm going to share with you all, Sisters and Brothers in Chocolate the chocolate and chocolately goodie I found during that nine day trip to Florida. We'll start today with a look at the area immediately around the hotel where my hubby and I stayed while in Kissimmee. We stayed right across the highway from an area called Old Town and while we made a wonderful chocolate discovery there, I also had chocolate several other times just in the course of eating meals. I didn't take photos of all the chocolate I found and enjoyed but most of it. This article is not making any claims that we found the best, this is just what I enjoyed (or didn't, I won't like to you all about what I found).

The Holiday Inn Celebration's restaurant had a buffet for breakfast and two yummy chocolate options both days we ate there. That's a chocolate mousse and a cookies and cream topped cinnamon bun that you see in the photo below. There was also a low fat chocolate milk but I didn't drink that.

One night, less than five minutes walk from the hotel, we at at Retro Cafe. The cute place had huge, delicious meals and desserts but I was too full to eat one but my hubby had some of the Hershey's Ice Cream that you could get.

Chocolate Kingdom Sign Kissimmee FL
But the most important chocolate discovery I made in that small around near Old Town was Chocolate Kingdom. I wasn't looking for a chocolate shop by that name, it didn't show up on Google Maps when I did a search for anything chocolate before we left for our vacation, because it was listed under a different name ("Schokolade") but luckily, possibly because I pointed out the problem, you can now find it easily with a search. Chocolate Kingdom offers tours so I paid for one. The tour begins with a screening and basic information about chocolate -- history and creation. During it we were introduced to the story of a knight trying to win the hand of the Princess of Chocolate Kingdom by making her a pair of chocolate shoes. Our guide, Adam, then took us into the factory and showed us pretty much the same information but with samples and equipment and a visit to a kitchen where they make some of their products you can buy in the store.

The samples included sugar coated cocoa beans, spicy hot cocoa, chocolate covered marshmallows, cocoa nibs, chocolate liquor, and finally these cute little chocolate shoes. I also got this sticker I think because I kept asking great questions.

Chocolate Shoes & Sticker, Chocolate Kingdom

As part of the tour you could get a discounted custom made bar that was huge! I got dark chocolate, cranberries, cocoa nibs, and pecans. I could almost tell myself that it was a healthy chocolate bar, right? Here's a view of the front of the bar with the pecans trying to escape.

Here's the back of my custom made bar:

If you near Old Town please do check out Chocolate Kingdom. And if you have checked it out, please leave me a comment and tell me what you thought of their tour and their chocolates.

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