Saturday, April 8, 2017

Cake Strikes Taste Bud Gold

Splitsville Table, Disney Springs
To close off the "On the Road" articles from our 25th Wedding Anniversary vacation to Disney World I want to look at the first sit-down dining experience we had with the Deluxe Disney Meal Plan at Splitsville Dining Room in Disney Springs. We had dinner reservations and basically killed time walking around Disney Springs until we could get in. Honestly reservations are the only way to get sit-down meals at any place in the Disney realm so take making reservations seriously and do it months in advance. We made reservations 96 days in advance and still didn't get into some of the restaurants and events that we wanted. The photo to the right is of the center piece at our table with hubby's hat also in view. To the right you see the kitchen and to the left one of several bowling lanes you can also pay to play on as you are waiting for and eating your food. Because we both have food allergies almost every sit-down restaurant we went to had the servers and a chef come talk to us... this got tiresome after awhile but this was our first experience. The server and the manager were awesome guys, very helpful, very friendly. In fact the manager was very interested when I mentioned The Chocolate Cult and gave him and the server business cards.

Giant Chocolate Cake, Splitsville, Disney Springs
With the Disney Meal Plans there can be restrictions on what menu items you can get, no alcohol for example, but at Splitsville the only limit beyond the alcohol was on the desserts but there was a great brownie so I was happy ordering that. But for some reason they upgraded me for free to this Giant Cake (that is what it is called on their menu) so that means they get a feature here on The Chocolate Cult. They didn't ask for the feature and no other form of compensation was received in exchange for this honest article.

Giant Chocolate Cake, Splitsville, Disney Springs
Let's look closer at this cake. It is six layers of dark chocolate cake with milk chocolate frosting between each layer and on the top and the outside. As you can see they placed it on a plat with ample drizzles of chocolate sauce and a dopple of cream. Wisely they served it with a spoon because I tried but you can't get all six layers into one bite; neither the utensil nor my mouth is large enough for that. I took notes on my smartphone while I ate it so I could share the experience with you all today. I tried the cake with the drizzle, with the cream, and by itself and each changed the taste and texture; I can't say I liked it best in any particular way but by itself I tasted something that might have been cinnamon in it that gave it a bit of kick. The cake was moist but not dense, it had a wonderful cocoa fragrance, and I slowly ate it to appreciate each bite more. If you can take some of your other food back to your hotel or share this with a friend it is well worth getting meal plan or no meal plan.

We would definitely go to Splitsville Dining Room again if we return to Disney Springs but we better do some bowling to burn off some calories because what you get on the meal plan is a ton of food!


Emilie Johnson said...

Disney has gotten so much better at having food for grown ups than when I first went there as a kid. Looks like this cake would be appealing for all ages.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

If you are on the meal plan, you get so much food that it is difficult to eat this much cake.

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