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Magic Kingdom Chocolate

Magic Kingdom, March 8, 2017

Finally, I'll finish off this "On the Road" series about my 25th Wedding Anniversary in the Orlando, Florida, region by showing you what I found and enjoyed in terms of chocolate during two full days at the Magic Kingdom theme park of Disney World. We had extra magic hours one morning and extra magic hours one night for two very full days of fun, sun, and food. Lots of chocolate to share with you but first here we are at the Magic Kingdom.

Crystal Palace Friendship Day Banner

Here's the weird thing, I don't remember chocolate at our character breakfasts at the Magic Kingdom. Perhaps I was just too excited to meet all of the Winnie the Pooh characters at the Crystal Palace's Friendship Day Celebration but I tried to take photos whenever I had chocolate so I could share that with you all. It cost one sit down meal point on the Deluxe Meal Plan. The breakfast was still wonderful and we got to meet Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, and my favorite, Tigger.

Cinderella's Royal Table Allergy Menu

The breakfast we were served in Cinderella's Royal Table had a lot of lovely pastries but none of them chocolate but our server made sure to only get the tree nut free ones. We got our photos taken downstairs with Cinderella. That made perfect sense for her to greet us first because it is her castle after all, right? Then upstairs we met Rapunzel, Jasmine, Ariel, and Snow White. This is one of the more expensive meals you can get in Disney World and it is difficult to get either breakfast, lunch, or dinner because the amount of seating is limited. It costs two sit down meal points per person on the Deluxe Meal Plan, tip included (the only place that you didn't need to tip,  in fact, we tried and couldn't tip there). I thought it was worth it because it is so difficult to get into but we also really liked our pastries, our juices and tea, and the entrees we had. Our server was excellent. Here's a photo of the allergy menu.

Liberty Tree Brownie

Clearly I needed chocolate at some point during the days but that first day in Magic Kingdom I waited until we had dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern. This is a family-style service where the server brings the food out, you eat as much as you want, and if you want more you can have more. It was one sit down meal point on the Deluxe Meal Plan per guest. Non-alcoholic drinks and desserts were included so I got the chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream; not period dessert, the chocolate wasn't spicy enough for that, but delicious nonetheless. My hubby could only safely have a packaged cookie so he wasn't very happy. When we checked in we were told to try another dessert which they only serve for lunch, that was weird.

Main Street Confectionery Rice Krispy Treat

On our way out of the Magic Kingdom that first night we stopped in at the Main Street Confectionery and used one of our snack points to get this huge treat -- rice krispies and marshmallows in the shape of Mickey (or Minnie)'s head with mini M and Ms. I wanted to do to the custom treat area but the line was long and I was feeling tired.

Sundaes from Friar's Nook

The second day in Magic Kingdom had more chocolate. After the Cinderella breakfast the day got very hot so at one point we went to The Friar's Nook and each got a sundae that cost one snack point on the meal plan. The sign said that it would be vanilla soft serve with hot fudge but the server at the window said I could get it with chocolate soft serve so, of course, I did; hubby got his with vanilla. It took us a while to find a place to sit/stand so the sundaes got a bit melty but here's a photo for you.

Tony's Chocolate-Hazelnut Budino

For our last sit down meal at a Disney World theme park we went to Tony's Town Square Restaurant. If you've seen Lady and the Tramp then you know this place. Yes, we did re-enact that spaghetti eating scene and our server took photos but this is about chocolate, folks. For one sit down meal point each we got non-alcoholic beverages, appetizers, a main course, and a dessert each. My husband got gelato but I got the Chocolate-Hazelnut Budino because I was getting a bit annoyed by my choices for food being limited by his allergy. That's fine if I decide to not eat tree nuts but something I want to eat them and then I just don't kiss him until after I've brushed my teeth. This was yummy. I took a couple of photos but here is the one that shows you the chocolate inside the dessert.

Since it was extra Magic Hours that night we went to the north east corner of the Magic Kingdom to see the Circus section that is usually thought of more for little kids. The rides might be more geared toward kids but we liked the Dumbo ride and we loved finding Big Top Treats. We each used a snack point from our meal plan. Both are shaped like Mickey Mouse as you can see. The first is a cake pop with marshmallow ears while the other is a brownie with solid chocolate ears.

Big Top Treat, Magic Kingdom, Disney World

That was it for chocolate in the Magic Kingdom but I'm certain if I went back and did not go to the same places, I'd discover even more.


elizabeth said...

Everything looks so delicious!

TammyJo Eckhart said...

In terms of quality, the deserts varied widely. As you can see with the ice cream, the availability of seating was a bit factor, too. Overall I found the chocolate and the chocolate goodies at Disney World to be good to excellent quality.

Thank you for commenting, Elizabeth!

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