Saturday, April 1, 2017

No Fooling, Chocolate Cake for Breakfast at Disney

Characters at Garden Grill, Epcot
When my hubby and I were on our vacation at Disney World for an early 25th Wedding Anniversary, we got some lovely welcomes, congrats, and even freebies. Among these were three chocolate freebies that earned those shops and restaurants a feature article here on The Chocolate Cult. We went to Epcot on March 9, 2017, and started our day early with breakfast first thing in the Land Pavilion at the Garden Grill. Our server there surprised us at the end of our meal with a piece of chocolate cake. We'll get to the cake in a moment but here we are just excited to be having breakfast at Chip & Dale's Harvest Feast and some of their pals an hour before there was any cake. The good folks at the Garden Grill didn't even realize that they'd get a feature article from me out of this anniversary greeting to us but nonetheless I legally need to say that no other form of compensation was received in exchange for this honest article.

The Garden Grill uses a lot the food that they grew at Disney itself. If you take the "Living with the Land" ride you can see how they do that but you can also see part of that ride as the restaurant slowly turns around. Yup, it turns around! This is family-style dining which means they bring the food to you and you divide it up. This photo shows you the variety we had to choose from. Minus the pineapple we loved it all. I even got the chocolate hazelnut syrup on the side so that my hubby wasn't harmed by tree nuts but I could still get more chocolate. FYI, that sauce on the tators was awesome much like chocolate dipped potato chips can be. Often at the restaurants I was limited in terms of what I could order not just by my own allergies but my hubby's and ours don't overlap so it got a bit annoying. I appreciate the offer of the chocolate hazelnut syrup greatly here.

But you want to see this lovely little chocolate cake surprise, right? Here is it. They brought it out with a lighted candle and we blew it out together than divided the cake and ate it right up. The sugar sprinkle were Mickey shaped, of course, and the cake itself has four layers -- two cake and two frosting -- as you'll see in the photo below. It was yummy! Just enough for each of us to have about four bites of moist cake with fluffy frosting. A good way to end breakfast particularly if you've been noticing those "studies" about how eating chocolate cake for breakfast will help you lose weight but let's not get distracted by science right now, let's look at another shot of that cake!

Garden Grill Surprise Chocolate Cake

We both loved the Garden Grill. The food was amazing, the chocolate cake, too. It is a unique experience as most of them are at Disney World, but if you value agriculture, learning about the land, and healthy eating, we highly recommend this. If you can get reservations for breakfast earliest in the morning you might get a photo of you and the entire character crew that appears at the restaurant.

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