Friday, June 30, 2017

July Holidays Taste Better with Chocolate

Doing this monthly chocolate holiday calendar a day early since tomorrow is a Saturday and we have our Sacrament article that day. The month revolves around ice cream but there are two historical events as well. Leave us a comment and tell us which of these fun and serious holidays you'll celebrate with Chocolate during July 2017.

July = National Ice Cream Month

July 1 = Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day -- What is the most creative flavor of ice cream have you ever tried?

July 3 = National Chocolate Wafer Day

July 5 = National Graham Cracker Day

July 7 = Chocolate Day

July 8 = National Chocolate with Almonds Day

July 9 = National Sugar Cookie Day

July 12 = National Pecan Pie Day

July 14 = Bastille Day

Third Sunday in July = National Ice Cream Day

July 21 = National Junk Food Day

July 23, 1904 first ice cream cones used at the World's Fair in St. Louis

1904 World's Fair Map
July 25 = National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

July 28 = National Milk Chocolate Day

July 30 = National Cheesecake Day

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