Saturday, October 7, 2017

More UNREAL Halloween Treats

I was so excited! We chosen again by UnReal and Tryazon to host a second UnReal Halloween Party. I invited folks and then the day of, people starting saying that they were sick or worse just didn't change their status on the party page to "no" -- that's rude, folks. I don't do that to people when they invite me to their events. I may say "no" but at least you get a response from me. So now I'm not sure that Tryazon and UnReal will accept the party and all of the work I put into it -- decorating, getting other candy (uncompensated for) to try with it. Thank goodness I didn't feel the need to spend even more money to find two more products to compare. UnReal sent me the following products to try out and have guests try out -- dark chocolate peanut butter cups, dark chocolate crispy quinoa gems, dark chocolate peanut gems, dark chocolate crispy peanut butter cups in the Halloween box, and milk chocolate gems in a Halloween box. Other than the five free products, some stickers, coupons, and information sheets no other form of compensation was received in exchange for this article and hosting a party.

In terms of Halloween the two themed boxes had a day of the dead sort of look to them but that stopped at the box. The individual cups and candy bags didn't carry on the theme. Disappointing really. If you can't find these themed boxes in your local stores (I can't) you can find UNREAL Halloween Gluten-free, Vegan, Non-GMO Dark Chocolate Crispy Peanut Butter Cup case of 9 x 20 ct boxes (180 cups) or the UNREAL Halloween Non-GMO Milk Chocolate Gems - case of 9 x 20 ct boxes (180 packs)on

We had the milk chocolate gems last year so those don't count in the 9th Annual Halloween Treat Challenge so really it is the dark chocolate crispy peanut butter cups that are in the running. Here they are alongside the UnReal dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

The five adults I had for the tasting were willing to show you their favorites that turned out to be the ones you see above. Two people prefered the dark chocolate crispy peanut butter cups in the lime green wrapper from the Halloween themed box.

Three people prefered the basic dark chocolate peanut butter cups from the plain red pouch.

People prefer the UnReal gems to the other candy but the duller colors were a bit odd and the sugar candy coating more of the main flavor. Here's a photo of one pairing we did so you can see yourself.

It isn't UnReal's fault that the party didn't turn out as I hoped. This experience has turned me off from doing any more of these in the future. If I'm not paid for it and my friends are interested, I'm just wasting my time and my family's resources.

Luckily I had a travel to see some friends and I took them the gems to try out. They liked them.  Here one of them loved the scent of the dark chocolate peanut butter gems that she just breathed that in after opening the bag.

The crispy gems brought a smile to one of her boy's face after he tried them out. They put their coupons on their frig and told me "We're gonna be using these real soon."

UnReal still gets Sacramental Status as a candy option. Have you see it in your local stores? Would you get some to hand out to trick o'treaters or have at a Halloween party this year? Leave a comment and let me know, plase.

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