Thursday, November 9, 2017

Celebrate National Greek Yogurt Day with Chocolate

Today is National Greek Yogurt Day so in honor of that this is a Special Sacramental Review for you all to enjoy, or not. It really depends on your feelings about yogurt and Greek yogurt in particular. Greek yogurt has gotten a huge push in the last decade for health reasons. Compared to regular yogurt, Greek yogurt generally has less sodium, less carbs, and more protein. It is also thicker and should be creamy and tangy, not as sour. Let me confess immediately that I am not a yogurt fan. I'll use it as ingredient but eating solo has never been my thing. I've been trying to slowly introduce myself to yogurt and Greek yogurt so when my local Kroger had a freebie deal for Chobani Flip I decided to try it. The most chocolatey variety the store had available was Chocolate Haze Craze and since I like chocolate and hazelnuts, even though I think it is overdone, I tried it. Kroger had no idea that their freebie would become this review and no other form of compensation was received.

The Chocolate Haze Craze Chobani Flip has chocolate hazelnut flavored low fat Greek yogurt and then pieces of hazelnuts and mini chocolate chips in a side compartment that you mix into the yogurt. As I hope you can see in the photo, the yogurt is a light tan color. When I opened it the sour scent hit my nose... oh, I was hoping for tangy not sour so I hesitate but I do taste a fingertip of it. There is a tang there but also a sour taste, the hazelnut flavor comes through but not the chocolate. I hope adding in the nuts and chip will help with that.

It does because now when I bite into one of the mini chocolate chips the burst of chocolate overcome the tangy sourness.

Unfortunately I don't think there are enough of the chips to really make this delicious to me. I can do things to remedy that however. I could add cocoa powder or more mini chips because I tend to have some in my pantry at all times. I could eat with something like a sweet apple slice to try and balance out the sour again. But all of that is me adding to the eat experience and not a plus for the product on its own. Now I'm sure many of your reading love yogurt and Greek yogurt, I'm sure some of you love the Chobani Flips. If you do, please leave me a comment and tell me about another chocolatey flavor that might be better than this one for me to try.

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