Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November 2017 Chocolate Celebrations

One final word on Halloween 2017 from The Chocolate Cult.

Your Chocolate Priestess, our founder, had 179 trick or treaters at her house last night. That might seem like a lot depending on where you live but it was down 64 from last year. It was around 10 degrees colder last night plus a Tuesday evening so that may have had an impact.

As hoped the individual bags of Brownie Brittle went over very well among the parent set who came up to the door with kids. One mother said "Oh, I love these! Thank you!" and another said "This one is mine" so I gave her husband his own bag.

Today is the beginning of November. Before you think of putting away any leftover chocolaty candies check out our list of Fun and Serious Holidays you could celebrate using those treats. The most obvious one is Thanksgiving but there are a lot more, too.

November = National Fondue Month -- we do not have a Melting Pot restaurant in our town but we do go to one from time to time. Here is their Black and White Fondue I really enjoyed.

The Melting Pot's Black and White Fondue

November 4 = National Candy Day -- I still think this is better right before or immediately after Halloween.

November 5 = Donut Appreciation Day -- How do you appreciate donuts? Do you have one to eat? Do you buy it or do you make it? I've done both.

November 7 = National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day -- Talk about as specific holiday for chocolate!

November 11= National Sundae Day; National Pocky Day in Japan -- Tried sundae and pocky both. If you haven't seen pokey, here is the Chocolate Cream Covered sticks.

Basic Pocky Sticks

November 13 = World Kindness Day -- If only we could be kind every day. There will be a feature this month considering this holiday.

November 17 = National Homemade Bread Day -- Why, yes, yes you can put chocolate into or on bread of almost type. Here's a recipe for Banana Nut and Chocolate Chip Bread.

Banana Nut and Chocolate Chip Bread

November 20 = National Peanut Butter Fudge Day -- What does this have to do with chocolate? I find peanut butter fudge best with chocolate drizzled over it or chips added to the top.

November 24, 1615 = marriage of Anne to Louis XIII introduces Chocolate to France -- Here is a link to one of several articles we've done honoring this date.

November 25 = National Parfait Day -- I recently made parfaits but I'm holding off that review until next year because of products we've gotten to share with you all before the end of the year.

November 26 = National Cake Day -- Again why make a cake without chocolate?

November 27 = National Bavarian Cream Pie Day -- I still have not made one.

November 28 = French Toast Day -- Remember this recipe? No? Check it out!

Chocolaty Oven French Toast

November 29 = Chocolates Day -- I think this is for the finest chocolates I hope you are able to find where you live.

November 30 = National Mousse Day -- I love mousse!

Milk Chocolate Mousse

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