Saturday, December 9, 2017

Gingerbread Dark Chocolate? Yes!

Gingerbread Dark Chocolate from Askinosie
Askinosie sent us another bar to test out and let you all know about, another of their limited holiday collection. This one is truly made for winter: the Gingerbread Dark Chocolate bar! When I think winter holidays and flavors/fragrances, gingerbread is high on the list. This bar is made with single origin dark chocolate, cocoa butter, 5 savory spices (ginger, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and clove), and unrefined cane sugar. This could either be a delight or the spices could over power it. I'm looking forward to trying this out and sharing the results with you all, but first, the legalities. We got this bar for free in exchange for a fair and honest review; no other form of compensation was received.

Gingerbread Dark Chocolate Askinosie, Unwrapped
The bar itself looks like most of the Askinosie bars we've tested and written about. It comes in a simple brown wrapper but with a tag that I'm going to highlight in the next paragraph. I cut open the clear plastic wrapper and as soon as I did my nose was hit by the delightful scent that reminded me of gingerbread. It really does! The scent made me want to gobble it down but I restrained myself and followed our testing procedures. I break the bar into the hashed squares and with each break it makes a sharp sound. I place one on my tongue and let it slowly melt. The first flavor is dark chocolate. It melts very slowly, almost two minutes just letting it melt on the top of my tongue. The five flavors can be tasted individually but also blend together as with gingerbread but without the bread component. The next square I chew and it makes only a soft sound. The initial flavor is still dark chocolate but the spices very quickly follow. The blend here is more spicy than letting it melt but the chocolate is always there. I think I preferred to let the chocolate melt for the most intense chocolate flavor but either way is excellent.

Gingerbread Dark Chocolate Gift Label
Let's talk about the label that is tied with a ribbon onto the brown wrapper. Normally I don't spend much time on packaging unless it is related to recyclable or organic matters or if it was particularly poorly packaged. But this label not only identifies the bar but also serves as a gift label. Do you see that in this photo? "To:" and "From" so you don't have to wrap the bar, you just write on the label itself. The back of this label has the nutritional information, true, but inside is a bit about the history of the bar and Askinosie itself. You might think the price is high when you check on this but really it isn't because of the quality of the ingredients and the treatment of the farmers and workers by the company. Plus with this label you save on wrapping and labeling it yourself.

Askinosie's Limited Holiday Collection Gingerbread Dark Chocolate Bar is Sacrament worthy! I think it would be a wonderful gift for any gingerbread and chocolate lover. So, are you going to order yours before they disappear?

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