Tuesday, January 2, 2018

January 2018 Month of Reasons to Chocolate

2018 will be a good year of chocolate and many reasons to celebrate. Here are both serious and fun holidays that you can mark with chocolate in a variety of forms.

January 2 = Feast Day of St. Macarius the Younger, 4th century patron of confectioners; National Cream Puff Day; National Buffet Day

          Our friend Elizabeth shared her love of cream puffs back in 2010. Go check that post out.

January 3 = National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

January 5 = National Whipped Cream Day

January 6 = National Shortbread Day; National Cuddle Up Day -- Cover some shortbread in chocolate then cuddle up with your loved one to enjoy them!

January 8 = National English Toffee Day

January 10 = Bittersweet Chocolate Day; National Cream Cheese Brownie Day

January 19 = National Popcorn Day

January 21 = National Granola (bar) Day

January 23 = National Pie Day; National Banana Bread Day

          Do you celebrate National Pie Day like Dean Winchester? Anyone?

January 27 = National Chocolate Cake Day

January 30 = National Croissant Day

January 31 = National Hot Chocolate Day -- I miss hot chocolate now that my orthodontics work severely limits when I can eat or drink anything and what I can have. Should I set aside some time this date to enjoy some?

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