Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Calorie Free Easter Chocolate

Calories free chocolate for Easter? Really? With less than two weeks to go before the Western Easter this year your minds might already be turning toward the holiday and chocolate. We've looked at a lot of Easter chocolate in our 10 years or writing about chocolate but today we're looking at something unique -- a toy that smells like chocolate! A friend of mine gave this to me when he won it at a party. It is a Chocolate Scented Homerbest Bunny!

Want actually chocolate or candy options for Easter? Check out the "Easter" Label you can find on the right hand side of our page. Today let's look at this non-edible option

There are other Homerbest stuffed animal out there but I couldn't find the exact same one as the one I was given. This is a cute bunny, fluffy for sure, but it is supposed to smell like chocolate. The fragrance isn't casually strong, you have to really bring the toy to your face to smell it but a cocoa scent is there. Where the scent is located is interesting. The bunny has a lot of tan fluff on it and that is where the cocoa scent is strong. The light brown more saude feeling parts on the bottom of the feet, inside the ears, and around the face do not have a fragrance at all.

The way you have to be close to it to smell the cocoa may be a good thing. It won't overwhelm your house and hopefully won't attract pests or pets. But what might a young child do? I suppose there is a risk that they might try to take a bite out of it but lots of kids might try that any way. If a child doesn't like cocoa or chocolate this would not be a product to give to them because the smell may turn them off. Ultimately you have to know the person you are giving any gift to and that is the same in this case.

I've been trying to learn how to make more interesting photos for you all so below is an example of one where I highlight this new bunny among the decorations of the top layer of my Easter display on my fireplace and piano (not visible in this photo).

Of course the real question is: Would you feel good about giving your loved one a stuff toy that smelled like food or would you be worried about what they or a pet in the house might do if the toy smelled like food? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


Emilie Johnson said...

I am pretty sure my dog would destroy this bunny the minute I turned my back. Not a good pick for my house, I guess.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Probably not good for you, that's true. But at least it isn't dark chocolate which can hurt some dogs depending on their size.

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