Saturday, March 10, 2018

Can You Enjoy Grain and Seed Bars?

Enjoy Life Grain and Seed Bar and Box
At the beginning of 2018, I shared some of the rebranding that our friends at EnjoyLifeFoods are doing. New color scheme and new products. Today we're are going to look at their new Crispy Grain and Seed line of bars. At first I thought I'd only be testing and sharing one of the two flavors with you, the Chocolate Marshmallow for obvious reasons. As I examined the bars and their labels I discovered that the other flavor, Banana Caramel, uses cocoa butter as one of the ingredients so yes, I can test this and share it with you all as well. Remember here on The Chocolate Cult we cover any product made from any part of the cocoa tree, from the cocoa beans, or that relates to chocolate in cooking, society, and research. I was sent a box of the Chocolate Marshmallow variety of bars and a larger individual bar of the Banana Caramel for free in exchange for this fair and honest review along with some other swag I mentioned in this post. No other form of compensation was received.

Enjoy Life Banana Caramel Grain and Seed
We'll start with the least chocolatey. Cocoa butter is listed in the ingredients of the Banana Caramel Bar. This is a 1.76 oz (50g) bar that is 76% larger than the bars you can find in the 5 count box online.  I'm not exactly sure where you'd find the individual bars but there is a store locator for the 5 count box at the links I'm providing for you if you prefer to check them out at a brick and mortar store versus ordering from online. The bar has a very strong caramel scent but I'm not getting banana just from smelling it.  Luckily for my teeth this isn't as crispy as I feared. I could break off a section then gently bite off a piece. It is crunchy without being hard with each chew. The initial flavor is a tangy and lightly sweet caramel but a banana flavor also builds up with each chew until it comes to dominant the flavor though it is the carmel that lingered longest on my tongue. Looking at the bar you can see different seeds and grains in it, spotting the light tan color with a few white points. This bar tastes good if you enjoy caramel and banana but the banana is strong enough that a banana hater is not going to go for this. Luckily I like both caramel and banana.

Enjoy Life Chocolate Marshmallow 
The Chocolate Marshmallow box of 5 1 ounce bars compares favorably with the Banana Caramel in terms of nutritional values if you consider the size difference. This includes cocoa butter but also unsweetened chocolate and cocoa powder. As you can see it has degrees of browns and tans in the bar and you can pick out individual grains and seeds with just your eye. This bar has a light cocoa scent to it, no strong sweetness so I'm hoping that the chocolate flavors will be strong. I can bend off a bite of the bar easily and each chew makes a soft crunch which is good for my teeth right now. The first flavor is a cocoa which stays consistent with each chew. There is a rice flavor but it is not strong and some other flavors but the cocoa never fades. As far as we are concerned on The Chocolate Cult, that is the way all chocolate and cocoa products should be balanced in favor or our Sacred Substance. Because of the strong cocoa and chocolate presence I notice a bit of drying in my mouth when I reach the halfway point of enjoying the entire bar. I do not consider that a negative because that is the nature of any cocoa or strongly darker chocolate product. In fact, I'm reassured that the ingredients are real food not just from the label but from my experience testing this bar for you all.

All Enjoy Life Foods products are "free-from gluten and 14 common allergens: wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, casein, soy, egg, sesame, sulfites, lupin, mustard, fish, shellfish, and crustaceans" though why you'd put fish, shellfish, or crustaceans in the types of products Enjoy Life sells, I don't know. However, there are more than 14 food allergies out there so make sure you read the labels when you buy products. Putting effort into making food more allergy friendly and using real ingredients plus not skimping on the cocoa earns the Chocolate Marshmallow bars Sacrament Status!

What do you all think of these new Crispy Grain and Seed bars from EnjoyLifeFoods? Do you think you or someone you love would be open to adding these to your snack or breakfast routine? Leave a comment and let us know!

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