Monday, March 12, 2018

Do S'Mores Cookies Celebrate Girl Scouts?

Today, March 12th is National Girl Scouts Day!

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I became a Girl Scout in 1979; I still have my membership card in the scrapbook that my mother made for me. I went to camp a few summers and rose to the rank of Senior. I think that lasted for a year  before our tiny community could not support a troop any more and the two of us didn't want to travel to another community to keep with it. Shout out to the four of us in this photo who made it to Junior. Only Kim and I finished that level with her mother and my mother co-leading the "troop" of two.

I remember walking around our neighborhood and going to our church to sell my cookies. That was a good experience for me. I taught me how to approach people and tell them information and answer questions. While I can understand the words I've read and heard when I've asked why Girl Scouts aren't doing this anymore, I can't grok it.  Girls are not weak and my mother, father, or one of the other Scouts' parents went with us. To be blunt, unless I see you, I'm not buying cookies so I only got cookies this year from friends' kids and in the grocery store one day when I happened to go late enough to see them. In 2017 I didn't get us any cookies

Yes, I did indeed get some cookies this year.

One of the cookies I got us this year is the new-to-me S'mores that came out last year. As you may recall if you read this blog regularly, we cover S'mores every summer particularly in August when National S'mores Day happens. The type I was able to buy was made by Little Brownie Bakers LLC. If the S'mores you have are different check which company made it because there are differences. I wasn't impressed by this cookie and if I buys Girl Scout Cookies next year, I'd only get one or none of these. Why didn't I like them?

Even though the #1 ingredient is graham flour I don't think the cookies taste much like graham crackers. There is cocoa, chocolate, and cocoa processed with alkali but again I didn't get much of a chocolate flavor. The "marshmallow" component also didn't taste much like marshmallow and there was no sticky or gooey texture that is part of the joy of the S'more experience. I wish we had the other type of this cookie from the other company that makes them for GS because they look far more chocolatey but below is a side view of what we had.

The rest of my family was equally unimpressed and suggested in the future we get more boxes of Thin Mints or Tagalongs.

Have you had these cookies or the other company's version of the Girl Scouts S'mores? What did you think?


Morgan Roddy said...

I was equally excited to buy them when I heard about them, and equally disappointed for the same reasons you listed. For three s'mores components, none of them came through. I'd have been forgiving if either more chocolate or more graham flavor were prominent (as I imagine marshmallow might be the trickiest of the components to nail in a cookie), but it tasted like shortbread and cream and little else. I regret to say I forgot to check which maker I had from my box, but I can say I had a very similar experience overall.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Morgan, thank you so much for reading and commenting. I wonder if we can find a way to get in touch with the other bakery to check out their version? I've tried before and was told no, then only sale in specific reasons.

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