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Easy Ways to National Salted Caramel Day

I know that some of you, like me, will be celebrating Easter tomorrow. Let's be blunt. If you don't have your holiday treats bought or prepared by now, I do not envy the pressure you may be feeling today. But there is another Fun Food Holiday fast approaching. National Salted Caramel Day is April 5th. How could you celebrate? You could make numerous treats with salted caramel and chocolate but if you are celebrating with a big family or friends gettogether this weekend, that might feel like like too much to handle. You could buy something with chocolate and salted caramel. Today I want to share two Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate goodies that you could buy to help you celebrate this fun food holiday on Friday. Their Sea Salt Collection of Caramels and their Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Bites. Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate sent me both the box and the bag of these goodies for free in exchange for a fair and honest review of their products on this blog; no other form of compensation was received.

Sea Salt Caramel Bites
Let's start with the bag of Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bites because all of the 10 pieces in my bag are the same. This has a dark chocolate fragrance with a hint of salt when I bring one piece to my nose. The pieces are primarily round though if you look you can see where they sat to cool and harden. In this photo I've made sure to show some of the bites from different angles so you can see. We can also see that they are made in two halves, note the seam around it. How else would you get caramel inside and make it round? I bite one of the bites in half and it makes a loud snap; the chocolate is thick. My mouth is flooded with caramel that is buttery and sweet and less salty that I thought it could be. For me, that's a good thing because salt can overcome chocolate easily. The caramel is not sticky on my teeth if that is a concern for anyone out there. The dark chocolate builds up with each chew and increases in intensity, not bitter at all, and the caramel blends with it very well. These are a delight to eat but make sure that if you do not like dark chocolate that you check out the milk chocolate version.

5 Varieties Sea Salt Caramels Identified

The Sea Salt Caramels Collection can have 8 different varieties in them, milk and dark chocolate pieces with one of four types of sea salt. There are photographs on the back of the box and I used those to identify the pieces. I had 5 varieties in my box -- Milk Chocolate with Mediterranean Salt, one each Dark and Milk Chocolate with Cyprus Flake Salt, and two each of the Dark and Milk Chocolate with Red Alaea Hawaiian Salt. I couldn't identify any Himalayan Pink Salt pieces.

I'm going to look at these in pairs where I had both milk and dark chocolate where I can but I'll start with the Milk Chocolate Mediterranean Salt Caramel. There is a lot of the salt crystals on the top of this milk chocolate piece. I bite it in half trying to break the amount of salt in half as well. The first thing I note is that very thick caramel comes out when I take that bite. The caramel is tangy and buttery and it sticks slightly to my teeth. The chocolate is creamy and I can taste the vanilla as well but the salt is powerful, too, and it lingers in my mouth. I wish I had the dark chocolate version to compare the strength of the chocolate.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Mediterranean Sea Salt Caramel
The Cyprus Flake Salt is easy to tell apart and I have both milk and dark to compare to see how the type of chocolate affects the balance of flavors. As you can see, another effect of homemade is that the amount of salt flakes is not equal so I must keep that in mind as I compare. When I first bring both pieces to my nose, I can smell the salt, some vanilla, some buttriness, and the chocolate; the dark type is only slightly stronger. The milk chocolate piece makes no sense when I bite it in half. The primary flavor is the milk chocolate that is creamy and has strong vanilla.  The buttery caramel taste increases as I chew, the salt is very light which is good. The caramel is very thick and it does stick slightly to my teeth as I enjoy it. Biting the dark chocolate in half makes a soft sound. The caramel is just as thick and buttery, the salt is more intense but the chocolate is much stronger, with a slight bitter edge that I love with darker chocolate. I loved both of these pieces and highly recommend them each.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cyprus Flake Salt, Dark and Milk Chocolate Caramels
Red Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt Dark and Milk Chocolate Caramels
Finally, let's look at the Red Alaea Hawaiian Salt in both milk and dark chocolate Caramels. The salt is a darker red than the Himalayan was and it is smaller crystals, too. This time the milk chocolate piece has more salt over the top so I need to keep that in mind when I test and compare them.  These have a unique scent, a smokey fragrance from the salt itself that I wasn't expecting. The dark and milk chocolate do not smell that different, also surprising but may be a result of the salt. Biting into the milk chocolate pieces makes no sound. The first flavor is the creamy chocolate with a hint of vanilla. Then the buttery caramel comes out and it feels less thick in my mouth but still it sticks to my teeth a touch. The salt is the last flavor and it does have a smokey quality though it turns into a more salty flavor at the end that lingers in my mouth. The dark pieces makes a soft sound when I bite it in half. The dark chocolate is intense and it builds up with each chew. The caramel is very buttery tasting and thick, sticky. The dark chocolate flavor returns and then the smoky salt appears to be finished off with dark chocolate a traditional salty taste. This is the most complex and shifting flavor of the five varieties I was able to test out. If you have this, take your time and appreciate the ebb and flow of flavors.

Have you had either of these Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate caramel goodies? The Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Bites were straight forward and fun to eat .The Sea Salt Caramels were far more varied that I had imagined. The Red Alaea Hawaiian ones were particularly complex. I liked all of them. However, when you have 8 possible varieties but only room in your box for 7 pieces you automatically leave a variation out. In a collection, as this is billed, I felt like I should get one of each. What do you all think?

Sea Salt Caramels Collection Box

I think both of these products from Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate are excellent for the chocolate caramel lovers out there, they are certainly Sacrament Worthy. The collection of sea salt varieties highlights the impact that dark and milk chocolate have on the flavor of any type of candy, caramel, or chocolates.

Tell me! Are you looking forward to celebrating National Sea Salt Caramel Day?

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