Sunday, March 4, 2018

National Snack Day!

2 Kraft Trios Combined
"National Snack Day" is today, March 4. I bet if you are like me, you were raised to snack a lot more than just once a year, right? That's a habit I developed as a child. Currently I am in the process of breaking myself of this habit, in part because of orthodontic work I'm going through and in part because I'm counting calories to try and lose the weight I put back on after I lost 110 pounds. But I sometimes use snack items as meals, do you? Your Chocolate Priestess does not create fun food holidays, I merely help you mark them just in case you'd like to celebrate with Chocolate. Perhaps you've heard of Kraft Snack Trios, perhaps not, but with my Friday Freebie at Kroger I got two different snack packs that each include dark chocolate chunks as one of the three foods in them. So let's look at these and see if you might enjoy them tomorrow for "National Snack Day" on March 4th or for a snack any day of the year. I received one of these snack packs for free because I'm a member of the Kroger loyalty program; no other form of compensation was received and Kroger had no idea I'd be doing this article.

We'll start with the lower calorie Trios -- extra sharp white cheddar cheese, dark chocolate chunks, and dried cranberries. You can tell this flavor combination apart because it has a burgundy circle with the items listed in the lower left hand side of the pack's plastic cover. The snack has 180 calories in all with 10g total fat, 6g saturated fat, 15 mg cholesterol, 105 mg sodium, 20g total carbs, 2g dietary fiber, 15g sugars, and 4g protein with 4% Vitamin A, 10% Calcium, and 6% Iron an adult needs every day. The entire food pieces inside are supposed to weigh 42.5g and I weighed out each type of food individually on my kitchen scale which may not be 100% accurate so this is an estimation -- 17g white cheddar + 14g chocolate chunks + 15g dried cranberries = 46g so on the mark! I liked every ingredient in this snack pack

The other Trios has colby jack cheese, dark chocolate chunks, and banana chips which are cut into quarters it looks like for some reason. The label listing what is in the pack is a light purplish color on the lower left hand side of the plastic cover over the top. The snack has 200 calories in all with 13g total fat, 9g saturated fat, 15 mg cholesterol, 115 mg sodium, 17g total carbs, 1g dietary fiber, 10g sugars, and 5g protein with 4% Vitamin A, 10% Calcium, and 8% Iron an adult needs every day. Again this is supposed to have 42.5g total foods and my weighing found -- 16g colby jack + 14g chocolate chunks + 11g banana chips = 41g which is pretty close again. I got a few less calories because I'm not a dehydrated banana fan so I gave them to a partner who adores them.

In each snack pack the dark chocolate is actually semi-sweet chocolate made with no artificial flavors or color and no ingredients I couldn't easily recognize. They look very much like someone took a thick slab of that chocolate and just cut into into bite-sized pieces. They tasted exactly as the semi-sweet chocolate I use at home for candy making and baking. Better than I expected.

Leave us a comment and let us know if you have tried these or other varieties of Kraft Snack Trios.

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