The Chocolate Cult: Shower Yourself with Chocolate in April

Friday, March 30, 2018

Shower Yourself with Chocolate in April

April = National Poetry Month

April 1 = National Sourdough Bread Day -- I was hoping to have a cookbook review for you but the starter's directions are not ideal so I'm going to wait and see if can get my second starter to work and then I'll try some recipes for you all. Or the book will be a complete failure and I'll tell you about that, too.
             = In 2018 this is also Easter!

April 2 = International Children’s Book Day in honor of Hans Christian Andersen's birthday, celebrated since 1967

April 3, 1892 = date of the creation of the Ice Cream Sundae

April 3 = National Chocolate Mousse Day

April 5 = National Caramel Day

2nd week of April = World Allergy Week

April 9 = National Coffee Cake Day

April 14 = National Pecan Day

April 19, 1550 = Traditional date Chocolate is thought to have been introduced to Europe

April 21 = National Chocolate Covered Cashew Day

April 22 = Earth Day (started 1970)

April 28 = National Blueberry Day

2 comments: said...

What a yummy chocolatey page!
I would like to place it as a favorite on my candy page, but only with permission.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Do you mean you'd like to link to on your own blog?

That would be fine, Young. Thank you for the compliment and for leaving us a comment.

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