Saturday, May 12, 2018

Give Your Mom "Wildflowers" to Eat for Mother's Day

Hedonist Wildflower Truffle Collection
Mother's Day is tomorrow in the USA and for many of our American readers this means gifts of flowers, chocolates, other candies, and cards for their mothers. But what if you could combine two of those -- flowers and chocolates -- into one gift? Today we are going to look at Hedonist Chocolates Wildflower Collection just in time for Mother's Day. While it may be too late for you to order this, this is one of their eight truffle collections so you can order it for any special date or just for yourself. Hedonist Artisan Chocolates sent us this free box with 2 of each 5 flavors of wildflower truffles to test out and write about on our blog; no other form of compensation was received in exchange for our honest review.

Lavender stands out in the collection because it is the only truffle wrapped in foil, light pink in color that reminded me of the color and the flower by its name. Unwrapping it I discovered a French style of truffle, hand rolled and then rolled in powdered cocoa as well. This has a strong lavender and cocoa scent to it. Be careful if you take the time (as you should) to give your nose a chance to check this one out because you might get the cocoa on you if you were to sneeze. When I take a bite I am surprised to discover this is not French style, there is a hard shell underneath the cocoa powder. Inside is a very sweet white chocolate ganache. The powder and the dark chocolate shell are very strong, they remain the primary flavors which I loved. The lavender comes out well with the center and then blends into the darker chocolates.

Hedonist Lavender Truffle
Clover Honey is topped with organic bee pollen -- I have never seen this on or in chocolate before. The cubic piece is covered in dark chocolate that has a strong fragrance as well as a hint of caramel and honey. The shell makes no sound when I bite it in half and I get a burst of dark chocolate that quickly turned into an intense smokey caramel flavor with a hint of honey and salt before turning back toward the chocolate. This variety turned out to be delightfully more complex than I thought it might be.

Hedonist Clover Honey Truffle
My brother used to make Dandelion Wine at home so I'm curious to check out this truffle. It is shaped as a butterfly and is clearly has milk chocolate shell. When I looked closely at the shell I see flecks of color in it -- light greens, reds, and blues. It has a sweet fragrance to it with just a touch of chocolate. Taking a bite makes a soft sound and inside is a huge amount of very sweet chocolate cream. The dandelion flavor quickly grows in intensity. I do not get an alcoholic burn but yes this does remind me of my brothers forays into dandelion wine.

Hedonist Dandelion Wine Truffle
The Violet truffle is supposed to be milk chocolate shell but it looks darker to me.  There are purplish crystals on top of it that should be candied violets. This has a balanced dark chocolate and violet fragrance to it. The shell makes light cracking sound when I take a bite. My mouth is immediately flooded by a dark chocolate that immediately triggers a cocoa buzz reaction in me -- my pupils dilate so I can see more light and a touch lightheaded. YUM! I have to pull my senses back as that first bite melts so I can figure out if there is a violet flavor. The second bite reveals that yes indeed the violet is there but it blends very well into the dark chocolate. Of all of the flavors this one is my favorite because of the strength of the chocolate.

Hedonist Violet Truffle
Rosebud is the half dome with the red and pink wave on the top. That wave is hand-painted colored white chocolate on top of the white chocolate half dome. It has a strong rose fragrance to it with hints of creaminess. Biting it in half makes no sound but inside I discover a dark chocolate ganache enter that is smooth and creamy. The sweetness of the white chocolate is the first flavor I taste followed by rose, and then the darker center that lingers the longest turning just pleasantly bitter right at the end.

Hedonist Rosebud Truffle
If my mother were still alive I think she would love it. For the quality and balance, for the handcrafted nature of the truffles, these earn Sacramental Status.

Is there a mother or mother-figure in your life who might like this Wildflower Collection?


Sidhechaos said...

These all sound really good, I would love to try out the violet one. My aunt used to make candles violet and violet lemonade.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Wow! The most my mother did in terms of flowers and food was fried dandelions.... I can't really recommend them.

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