Saturday, May 26, 2018

Have Biscuits for Breakfast!

Tuesday, May 29th, is National Biscuit Day. Did you know "biscuit" is another way of saying "cookie"? In the UK and related countries people use the term "biscuit" when Americans like myself might say "cookie". I've tried the biscuits from belVita before but I didn't tell you all about them until today. Their biscuits I've previously tried were hard, more cracker like to use an American expression again. While I liked them okay, I wasn't thrilled because I generally don't like loud and crisp to start my mornings off. Then belVita came out with a new product. Today I want to share their soft baked oats and chocolate breakfast biscuit. I received this box of 5 biscuit for free using my Kroger Loyalty card; neither BelVita nor Kroger realized that I'd be doing this article reviewing them. No other form of compensation was received.

These are made with semi-sweet chocolate chunk created with chocolate and cocoa butter; the chunks as you can see are not a large part of the biscuits and the ingredient list confirms it with the chunks at 10th on the list. When I encountered them as I ate these it was a nice burst of chocolate. The biscuits do not have a chocolatey scent,  most the fragrance is oats and brown sugary sweetness likely from the molasses. They are indeed soft and easy to eat, not making any noise when I bite or chew. Each of the five biscuits in the box have 200 calories with 4 grams of dietary fiber which is a big factor for me in my breakfasts. If you have allergies there is wheat, milk, and soy listed. Over all these are very sweet but with 14% of the daily fiber an adult needs it is a good way to start off the day with a reasonable amount of calories.

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