Saturday, May 19, 2018

Sheila G Expands to Cookies

Sheila G's Thindulgent Cookie Boxes
You all remember Sheila G's Brownie Brittle, right? I'm sure you do and I'm sure that many of you have had those treats. We've looked at several flavors of their brittle in the past but today we want to share our experiences with a brand new type of product from them: sandwich cookies! They call theirs Thindulgent Sandwich Cookies. They aren't thin so much in terms of their thickness, though as you'll learn they vary between the variety. 2 cookies at 130 calories is in line with a lot of other sandwich cookies for a serving size. We'll have to check them out and see if they taste "thin" or if they taste decadent and indulgent or if they taste somewhere in-between. Sheila G sent us these two boxes of their new cookies for free in exchange for a fair and honest feature article; no other form of compensation was received.

Toasted Coconut Thindulgent Cookies
Our Coconut Acolyte helped test out the Toasted Coconut Thindulgent Sandwich Cookies so everything you read will be her words in italics. (takes a quarter bite and her eyes roll as she make yummy noises) That is a coconut cookie! The cookie is really crisp, buttery cookie with a lot of coconut flavor. I'd eat this cookie on its own without the fudgy chocolate. You don't really taste the chocolate until after you've chewed it for a while. The butter and coconut are the first flavors. It is an excellent cookie for coconut lovers maybe not chocolate lovers. I'll need to have my husband limit me to one a day. 4 thumbs up! This is one of the best things I've had in our 10 years of testing on The Chocolate Cult. 

Salted Caramel Thindulgent Cookies
The other type of Thindulgent Sandwich Cookies we tried was the Salted Caramel variety. I shared these with our Coconut Acolyte so her words are in italics. I can smell the caramel, a burnt caramel smell, as soon as I take off the silver foil inner package. These look much different which surprised us. These are much thinner, they broke into several pieces even though both boxes were sent to me at the same time in the same shipping container. The edges do not seem to have been dipped in as much chocolate. Bringing the cookie to my nose I can smell a hint of the chocolate and the caramel is more tangy, not burnt in scent. Barely smell the chocolate. Very crispy and crunchy with each but bite but easy to take a bite of. The sweet yet tangy caramel is the first and final flavor I get, the chocolate is a middle flavor. The chocolate is more dark than I'd call fudge but for me that's good. I don't get the chocolate as much in this one. It is there just very lightly sweet. Getting the caramel, a sort of burnt taste but still good.  I liked the coconut one much better, better balance of flavors. I did like this but I feel satisfied with just one because of the degree of caramel and salt versus chocolate.

Sheila G has two very different cookies with their new Thindulgent line. The Toasted Coconut (the top image to the left) was a big winner for our expert but neither of us were thrilled by the Salted Caramel (the bottom image to the left). In both cookies, the chocolate was more a hidden flavor than we expected. These are good cookies, possible great cookies depending on the flavors you are looking for, unless the dominant flavor needs to be chocolate.


Unknown said...

Sheila G's Thindulgent toasted coconut cookies are now my favorite, cannot find in Wal-Mart anymore, where are they? They are the best cookies!

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Follow our link in the article to find the company's website and see if they have a map you can use to find your favorite treat of theirs or send them a question via their website.

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