The Chocolate Cult: 2 New DAGOBA Bars Revealed

Saturday, June 16, 2018

2 New DAGOBA Bars Revealed

I've featured some DAGOBA chocolate a few years back through the Amazon Vine program but today we're going to look at two bars that came directly from DAGOBA. These feature new branding designs and flavors that I was unfamiliar with before these arrived. I had one of our specialists help me out with these bars because he is a super raspberry fan which is important for one of the bars. The bars are part of their new flavors that they have introduced and that you can find in Target stores. But let's look at new wrapper designs first. I like it! The lighter background gives a more organic and natural feel to the wrappers, hinting at wildlife which fits in fairly well with their organic focus. But what do you all think? We received these two bars for from from DAGOBA in exchange for testing them and writing about them in a fair and honest fashion; no other form of compensation was received.

The first bar we are going to look at is the Raspberry Mint White Chocolate. The green on the label gives a hint of the mint perhaps but looking at the bar you see that the white is a light pink and the pieces of raspberry are visible on the front and back. The bar's front repeats a lot of the wrapper designs as well and it was easy to snap into the two servings that are in the bar. The raspberry scent is very strong, even as I unwrap it; we have to bring it very close to our noses to get the mint fragrance. It makes a snap when we break off the sections but that does not increase the amount of the raspberry or mint that our noses picked up.  This is what our expert thought of the bar: The white chocolate is creamy and sweet. The raspberry seems to be dried pieces of the fruit with is good, tasty, tart. The pieces do not melt in my mouth, they must be real not artificial. I'm not finding pieces of mint on its own. If you eat at least half the sections you get more mint flavor. The flavors blend together very well. It is really quite pleasant, I like very well.

The second bar is Extra Dark, 84% cacao. Since you know that Your Chocolate Priestess loves darker chocolate she has high hopes for this one. The auburn color on this label reminds me of hair color from my childhood. The bar is very dark as you can see and sadly it was already broken when I opened it up but at least only in one area. It makes a louder snap than the previous bar which makes perfect sense given the difference in chocolate liquor each one would have. A darker scent can be picked out when I open it and it floats over us as I type. As I bite into the piece that was broken It makes snapping sounds for the first half dozen chews. The flavor is mild at first then builds with each chew becoming more bitter. You need to love bitter and dark chocolate to enjoy this bar and I do! It is not overwhelming bitter, it is very smooth really, but I can feel my eyes dilating for that cocoa buzz I adore. My co-tester agrees with me nodding as he tries his. If you feel brave enough to try a 85% bar, I recommend this one for the smoothness of the build up.

Given the quality of these new flavors and DAGOBA's recent commitment to try and find more woman cacao farmers along with their certification by the Rainforest Alliance and recyclable wrappers, these bars check all The Chocolate Cult's desires. These are Sacrament Worthy! Obviously Your Chocolate Priestess preferred the Extra Dark Bar while the co-tester loved the Raspberry Mint White Chocolate best. From one end of the cocoa continuum to the other! If these bars sound delicious to you, try finding them at Target or follow our links to the bars at DAGOB's website.

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