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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Awesome Vegan Chocolate Drink Option

Ripple Chocolate Pea Milk
We've tried some non-dairy "milk" drinks in the past with varied results. Some of them just don't taste like what I or most of our testers want. Some times these alternatives don't taste much like chocolate as their true nature dominates the flavor. Most of those types of product use tree nuts which makes them unusable for many folks out there such as my hubby. There are non-nut options as well including soy and coconut "milk." Are they milk? That's a debate that can get heated but for today we just want to evaluate this new "milk" one made from peas... yup, I typed "peas" you know, the little green round vegetables. One of the best things this blog has done for me over these 10 years has pushed me to try all of these different and new types of drinks and food. Today I want to share my latest beverage adventure with you. MyMagazine Sharing Network sent me a coupon for a free bottle of Ripple Nutritious Pea Milk in exchange for trying it out and sharing about my experiences on various social media; they also sent me 3 other coupons so that my friends and colleagues can try it as well. No other form of compensation was received for reviewing this product as fairly as I can.

At first I figured that Ripple Nutritious Pea Milk would be available in only one type but I was happily very wrong when I found it alongside the various nut "milks" that Kroger carries. There was a white version and then this chocolate version. I think you know I had to try this because chocolate! Let me share my experience with you all.

Glass of Ripple Chocolate Pea Milk
I shook up the bottle well before I opened it because I know with any type of chocolate drink that the cocoa use can settle on the bottom over time. I was able to easily open the bottle and I immediately noticed a strong cocoa scent. No pea fragrance which is great because to be blunt: I don't like peas! As I poured the product I noticed that it look very much like numerous other chocolate milk and "milk" that I've tried in the past. Then I paused. Would this taste like those horrible peas? At least my bottle was free so I took a breathe and took a sip. Chocolate! Dark strong chocolate flavor with a slight creaminess. Nothing pealike about it at al. It is a strong cocoa flavor so if you expect that normal very creamy light chocolate flavor this may not please you. I love darker chocolates even in my drinks so I was very happy.

I want to thank #MyMagazineSharing for sending me a coupon for a #FreeSamp of this new vegan option drink, #RippleMilk. Nutritionally, let's compare it to Kroger's 1% variety of chocolate milk so you can decide for yourself what you might want to next drink or serve in your household. In this Cult, Ripple earns Sacrament Status!

Ripple Chocolate Pea Milk  vs. Kroger 1% Low Fat Chocolate Milk

Calories per 8 fl oz = 150 vs 180
Saturated Fat = 0.5g vs 2g
Cholesterol = 0g vs 10g
Sodium = 130mg vs 190mg
Dietary Fiber = 1g vs 1g
Sugars = 17g vs 30g
Protein = 8g vs 9g
Vitamin A = 10% vs 10%
Calcium = 45% vs 35%
Iron = 15% vs 2%

Have you tried this?

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Karen said...

This stuff really is good - I need to buy it more often. I think it's the best of the chocolate faux milks by far. And unlike the chocolate almond milk, there is actual protein involved.

I'm less of a fan of the plain. Soy remains my preference there. And coconut for creamer. But so much more and tastier variety than back when I first figured out that milk was why I couldn't breathe.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Oh, someone who has found it already! I'm so glad you commented and let me know. Thanks, Karen!

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