The Chocolate Cult: Happy Canada Day (Tomorrow)!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Happy Canada Day (Tomorrow)!

Trio of Crunchetti from Brockmann's Chocolates
Tomorrow, July 1st, is Canada Day, that nation marks the day that the UK government passed The Canada Act which freed their former colony for the necessity to have the motherland consulted on any Constitutional changes. This is one of 5 statutory holidays in Canada. In honor of all of our readers from Canada, today we are going to look at three varieties of Crunchetti from Brockmann's Chocolates founded and headquartered in Delta, BC, Canada. We'll look at the flavors in order of increasing chocolate mass content from white to milk to dark chocolate. All three flavors have almonds while one has cranberries as well; you'll need to keep reading to learn once one. I made contact with this confectionary through LinkedIn originally and they sent me a bag of each flavor of these treats in exchange for testing them and writing about them in a fair and honest fashion; no other form of compensation was received.

White Chocolate Crunchetti
We start with White Chocolate with Cranberries and Almonds. As you can see from our photo the pieces varied a little bit in terms of shape and size but they are approximately one single bite each. The red of the cranberries peeks through as does the light tannish almonds. These have a very strong vanilla and white chocolate fragrance with a hint of the cranberries. It is very crunchy when I pop one into my mouth and it stayed crunchy with each chew. The first flavor is the vanilla which turns to creamy white chocolate. The cranberries and almonds are little bursts of flavors when I encounter them but the cranberry tartness builds up with each chew though it never covers up the white chocolate flavor. I'm not a huge fan of white chocolate by itself but I love cranberries so I actually like this a lot.

Milk Chocolate Crunchetti

Next up is Milk Chocolate with Almonds which is light brown in color with hints of the almonds visible though most it is the lumps that suggest there is  something under the milk chocolate coating. This has an interesting fragrance with the almonds strongly coming out with a hint of the milk chocolate. When I put one into my mouth the first flavor is the milk chocolate coating and the almond is just a hint though that builds with each chew. The milk chocolate covers my entire tongue. It is sweet and has a soldi vanilla aftertaste. I think sweet milk chocolate fans would like this.

Dark Chocolate Crunchetti

Finally we have Dark Chocolate with Almonds which is much darker than the milk chocolate version but otherwise has the same ingredients. These have a darker cocoa scent to them along with a strong almond fragrance. The crunch is a bit louder when I bite into this one and remains louder with each chew. The chocolate is noticeably darker with a little bitterness that builds up with each chew. The almond flavor also comes out stronger in this variety. Since I prefer dark chocolate this turns out to be my favorite of the three flavors.

Each of these was an interesting experience in terms of the senses with good crunch and changes in the flavors. These look like you could just consume them like popcorn but there are actually 5 servings in a bag. For this article I tried one of each which together was a serving. Know what? I felt satisfied and right at that moment I didn't want more which means I can have these later and share them with friends. Crunchetti are one of two online products that you can find on Brockmann's website and maybe in the future we'll be able to check out the other, Truffini.

If you've had Brockmann's chocolates or live in Canada please leave a comment and let us know if you'll be including chocolate in the celebration of your nation. If you're from somewhere else, leave comment, too, and wish our Canadian readers a

Happy Canada Day!

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