The Chocolate Cult: Ice Cream Cones Aren't Just for Ice Cream

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Ice Cream Cones Aren't Just for Ice Cream

I like to try out new and cute baking and candy making kits. I'm sure I drive  my family crazy wondering where I'll store them all. I don't keep all of them, only the ones that I really like and that I could see us using again and again. This particular kit I can see us using over and over and once back in its box, it does not take up that much space compared to the fun we get from using it. I got this Wilton Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes Decorating Kit, 26-Piece - Decorating Bags, Sprinkles, Cupcake Cone Baking Rack for free via the Amazon Vine program in exchange for a fair and honest review on the Amazon website; this article on The Chocolate Cult is a bonus.

This is another case of a Wilton Kit that has an amazing central product and then extras that don't quite match or or quite what a person would need to make the final treat. In this case, the Cone Cake pan is wonderful. It folds down and stores in the box well, it survived the oven well, and it can even just function as a cone holder if you want to put ice cream or something else in the cones.

But sprinkles... instead of those why not a set of tips and the holders to attach the tips the to disposable decorating bags. Basically the 12 inch disposable bags are useful without those items. It seems odd that a kit would not include what someone would need, doesn't it? If I already have the tips and attaching parts for bags, wouldn't I already have bags, too?

Another useful item might be a packet of cupcake mix that made 12 servings. I used a regular cake mix and I got this set of 12 cone cakes plus 17 cups so these don't use a full serving of prepared mix. The sugar cones bond well to the baked cake and are a touch softer than if you put ice cream in them which means that they crumble less. As you can see in the photo below, the cake puffed a bit and I could have used a bit less so I could have gotten 12 of these plus 18 regular cupcakes.

The result is a fun treat that is on par with a regular cupcake and frosting if not a dozen or so calories less. We tried three types of frosting -- dark chocolate, whipped white, and salted caramel. My hubby is much better at the frosting than I am but I think they still turned out cute. They tasted great!

If this looks like a fun item for you, check it out using our links. Or if you prefer you could also just go for the Wilton Cone Cake Racks themselves. Either way you help this blog and me, TammyJo, but using our links.

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Emilie said...

This look delicious and cute. I think the would be a big hit for a kids' party!

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