Saturday, August 25, 2018

Alternative Fuel Source

I've been rough on energy, protein, and meal replacement bars this year. I know that. But would you rather I lied to you or was honest? I hope honesty is valued by every reader who comes to this blog and by every brand that sends or gives us products to review. Back in January of this year I revealed a "candybar" that markets itself as a healthier version of that type of treat but you can also use these more natural "candybars" as snacks to give you energy similar to those we've seen in all of these products we've been writing all year long. So let's go back to goodnessknows and check out a second variety in a green highlighter wrapper this time. I received this product for free using my Kroger Loyalty Card; no other form of compensation was received because neither Kroger nor goodnessknows expect this honest and objective review.

The first thing I notice when I opened the sleeve was big pieces of visible apples but the nuts are not that nice red color you see on the wrapper. Check it out yourself. See? The very first ingredient on the wrapper's list is "dried apples" made with apples and added sugar... opps, do we really need to add that extra sugar? I did some research on drying fruit and sugar is never one of the steps. Chocolate is the 7th ingredient, cocoa powder is 10th, and cocoa butter is 14th so all of our wanted cacao products are here. The four pieces have 150 calories and the bulk of those come from sugars. This is sweet but not overwhelmingly so. The chocolate is a nice slightly bitter counter flavor and I recommend eating it with that layer against your tongue if you love chocolate or just want the pieces to taste less sweet. Each piece is one or two crunchy bites and nothing stuck to my teeth as I enjoyed it.

Nutritionally these are about on par with PROBAR® or NuGo Dark but not as filling. Compared to some of the other brands I've dismissed like Gatorade and PowerBar this goodnessknows is better. If you just want a quick pick me up or a candy bar alternative, this isn't a bad choice to make.

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