Saturday, August 11, 2018

Curate a New Type of Snack Bar

I have never heard of Curate Snacks before I saw an announcement on my Kroger website that their bars would be the Friday Freebie one week. This was another entry into the all-natural snack bar market. I loaded the coupon onto my loyalty card and headed to the store to check out the varieties that were available. I choose the Salted Decadence variety because it had the most chocolate. Today I'm going to share what that bar was like. Oddly I have not seen this bar again in Kroger nor does the flavor I'm talking about show up on sites like  Neither Curate Snacks nor Kroger knew that I've be using this freebie as a product to write about here on The Chocolate Cult.

As you can see this bars has a lot of textures and flavors in it. The ingredients list is fairly long, surprisingly long, with almonds, sorghum, hemp seeds, and quinoa that might also be allergens for some of you reading this. In terms of cacao related ingredients chocolate liquor is the 7th ingredient while the 11th is cocoa butter and the 13th is cocoa nibs. The scent is very almond and sweetness, oddly the cacao ingredients aren't being picked up by my nose. The bar measure 3.5 X 2 X 3/8th of an inch thick. The bar is more crunchy than I imagined it would be, every bite crunches, but it is very easy to bite into and chew plus it is not sticky at all.  The taste is varied depending on what each bite encounters however the chocolate is either not dark enough to make a big impact or too rare in the bar to make a strong impression. That's disappointing. If I'm going to eat any type of snack bar with chocolate, I want that bar screaming CHOCOLATE from the first through the last bite.

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