Thursday, August 9, 2018

The 2018 Chocolate Walk!

You may not be in the mood to walk and walk around Nashville, Indiana, to enjoy chocolate and support charity because it is a hot and humid August. But when November rolls around, who knows what the weather will be like.

November 10, 2018, will be the 11th Chocolate Walk and my 10th one!

Supporting this cause benefits the Brown County Humane Society which has an incredibly high success rate for saving pets, dogs and cats both.

To get tickets which have been selling over the past few years, visit this link.

Last year I shared a three-part interview about the Chocolate Walk and about the humane society.

Here is the 3rd part of that interview for you to view again if you want.

During the 10th Chocolate Walk, I shot video as we walked. This year I want to pull what I shot together and make a new series of videos so you can get an idea of what this event requires you to to get all that lovely chocolate and help out pets.

Would you be interested in seeing such videos?

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