The Chocolate Cult: Are RXBARs a Prescription for Tasty?

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Are RXBARs a Prescription for Tasty?

February is American Heart Month in the USA. Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, has been promoted as a healthy food or drink for hundreds of years. We've looked at a few studies in the past here on The Chocolate Cult to discover what they tested and what the results mean. These articles are important because marketers have been using these studies to promote clearly unhealthy products, too. So today let's look at two varieties from a relatively new brand that claims it is healthier than many other nutritional or workout bar brands out there. Below I'll share my experience with the RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt and their Peanut Butter Chocolate bar in full sensory descriptions and by checking into the claims. I received the Chocolate Sea Salt bar via the PinchMe program in exchange for a short review on their website; this article is a bonus for both them and Chicago Bar Company LLC. which makes these products. I got the Peanut Butter Chocolate bar as a freebie from Kroger with no expectation other than I'd try it out. No other form of compensation was received for this fair and as objective as possible review.

RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt Unwrapped
Let's start with the bar itself. When I unwrap it, it looks like a thin piece of fudge with visible nuts and sea salt crystals on and in it. It has a dark chocolate scent to it a bit of underlying sweetness and saltiness but not much. The bar is 0.5 inches thick and measures 2 X 3 inches so it is a decent size. It is difficult for me to bite off a piece because it is sticky, not cool with my ongoing orthodontics work. Chicago Bar Company LLC. dba RXBAR and PinchMe should have made that clear in the product description. I have no one to share this with in my household once I take a bite because of the tree nuts and their allergies. I like the flavor so I'll cut the rest into pieces to try some more. Inside it looks a bit like a brownie but isn't thick enough to combat the stickiness. The flavors are very balanced and the cocoa is really dominant which we want here on The Chocolate Cult. The nuts make a crunch when I bite through one and chew on one. The pops of sea salt likewise when I encounter is a burst of flavor but the chocolate returns. If I was not having dental treatments I could enjoy the stickiness but right now this is a challenge.

The Peanut Butter Chocolate bar has the same measurement but looks different -- a lighter color with a reddish tinge. There are visible nuts and chunks of chocolate on the surface of the bar. It has a light sweet and roasted peanut fragrance when I open up the wrapper. It is very sticky when I take a bit but the chocolate pieces and peanut make soft crunches as I chew. It sticky to the surface of my teeth and is difficult to chew but that might be in part because the orthodontic work that I'm going through. It tastes immediately of roasted peanuts and chocolate, they blend very well together. The sweetness is there and has a fruitiness to it but it is not overwhelming at all. I liked this bar just not as much as the Chocolate Sea Salt one.

Now let's tackle the claims made on these bars.

Does this RXBAR have protein? Sure but I could just make myself 3 egg whites and have the same ingredients -- almonds, cashews,  dates, and peanuts -- solo but would they cost less? They wouldn't taste as good for me and trust me I've tried added various flavors to my eggs.

Will it help you after or before a workout? Probably but I'm not a doctor and even if I was 1 bar is hardly enough to check out that claim or any other nutritional benefits.

These are a good chocolate breakfast or protein bar that has real ingredients. In both the chocolate is strong enough to be tasted even with the other flavors.For that it earn Sacrament Status!

Who out there has tried this or another flavor of RXBAR? Leave a comment and let us know what you thought.

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