The Chocolate Cult: Cookies from Woman Founded Company, Pepperidge Farm

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Cookies from Woman Founded Company, Pepperidge Farm

3-Pack Double Milk Chocolate Milano cookies
Today, September 22, 2018, is American Business Women's Day so in honor of that, I want to share a new product from a brand I'm sure you are familiar with: Pepperidge Farm. Did you know that this big company was founded by a woman? I didn't until I started looking deeper into it. Margaret Rudkin started the company in 1937 after trying to find a way to feed her family and address their allergies during the Great Depression. By 1939, Rudkin had sold half a million loaves of bread and within another six months the sales had doubled. At first, Pepperidge only sale bread but by the 1950s, inspired by European cookies, Rudkin added to her product line. The Milano as one of these. Today there is an entire line of Milano cookies. I was sent their Double Milk Chocolate Milano Cookies from Pepperidge Farm via the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for writing an honest review on the website; this blog article is an unexpected bonus. No other form of compensation was received.

The first question I had about these cookies was: How is the milk chocolate doubled? I used a coupon and a store sale to buy a bag of the regular Milk Chocolate Milano cookies. Comparing the two bags I noticed that the Milk Chocolate is 6 ounces while the Double Milk Chocolate is 7.5 ounces. Of course that can't be doubled because of how much of a Milano cookie is actually the chocolate center. But it definitely more, right?

Milk vs Double Milk Chocolate Milano Bags
Next I took 2 cookies, one from each variety, and measured them. The Milk Chocolate layer was 2 mm while the Double Milk Chocolate was 4 mm. Now I'm impressed because so many brands lie to us. But I had one more test. How many cookies do you get in each bag? I counted 15 in the Milk Chocolate bag and 16 in the Double Milk Chocolate bag.

Milk vs Double Milk Milano Cookies
Of course, you want to know how they taste, right? I tried them out, the Milk first then the Double Milk. The regular is very sweet and has a strong sweet milk chocolate scent as well. The Double Milk Chocolate has a less sweet scent and flavor, the chocolate is much stronger which means that I love it while I only like the previous Milk Chocolate variety.

But what do you think, Reader? Have you had both varieties? Did you find them to be different? Leave comments and let us know!


Anonymous said...

I definitely prefer the double! So much richer flavor, all around better cookie, plus I like the ratio of cookie to chocolate better too.

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Thank you for commenting though I can't thank you by name.

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