The Chocolate Cult: Getting Ready for the 2018 Chocolate Walk

Monday, September 10, 2018

Getting Ready for the 2018 Chocolate Walk

For 10 years I've been going to the Brown County Humane Society's Chocolate Walk. Today I want to share of few tibbits I've gotten from Jane Weatherford, our contact there, about what is happening at the 2018 event. Remember, get your tickets early because they do sell out.

Some new things at the Chocolate Walk!

The event tends to swell the restaurants so this year there will be food trucks and music at the courthouse. The Courthouse lawn is where you'll find the event chocolatier and information about the Brown County Humane Society, too.

There are 32 stops currently on the list for the 2018 Walk! New stops include: New Harmony Soap Company (near the Educated Otter which is back this year), Mercantile T-shirt shop (near the Nashville Fudge shop a regular stop at this event), and The Emerald Pencil (near the Candy Emporium also a regular stop).

This year, the map will shop which stops allows pets inside. Why might that be a concern? To be blunt, a lot of the shops are small and can be easily overwhelmed by customers and chocolate walkers. I think it is great idea that this year folks who bring their pets will know which shops they can bring the pets into or not. If you have a pet and have a human friend walking with you, too, just switch off watching your fur babies outside while you go in to pick up your treats.

The stop that you will want to drive to is the Brown County IGA. If you can manage it up hill, the Public Library stop is walkable. The Brown County History Center will also be hosting their Annual Abe Martin Bazaar...

I hope you all have your tickets for the 11th Annual Chocolate Walk in Nashville, Indiana, but if not, go order them!

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