Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Please Wish The Chocolate Priestess a Happy Birthday!

The title pretty much says what I hope everyone reading this will do -- leave me a comment and let me know what this blog means to you. 

The Chocolate Cult was and is a work of personal passion, not an attempt to make money or dictate what types of chocolate you should buy, use, or eat/drink. Honestly, the only reason for me to continue beyond this 10th year is if you the reader value it.

Even though it feels like begging, my birthday is important enough to me that I feel it is a good time to speak up and say "I need interactions!" at least in the form of comments from you all to make continuing this blog beyond February 2019 worth it for me.

Before we get to that let me share some of the lovely and thoughtful gifts I've got this year that relate to this blog.

First, check out these fudge chocolate cupcakes with mint, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate fudge frosting that my family made for me!

Then one of  my dearest friends from over two decades sent me samples of chocolate from Vancouver Canadian company Mink Chocolate, Inc. I'm not a fan of pistachios so I'll be sharing that with other friends but I love pecans so the other bar sounds very interesting to me.

A close friend of my hubby's who we have interviewed here because he is an amazing cupcake maker gave be this bottle of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur.

So please, if you have found value in this blog at all over the 10 years I've been invested in it, leave a comment and let me know.

If I can find you and you've left a comment, you might win a prize, too, from my personal collection of products that have been sent to me to test and write about on this blog.

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Mellionie Noelle Rogers said...

Happy birthday! 🎂🎉

Whryne Rasheed said...

Happy Birthday! Not sure if you remember me! You hosted a chocolate party back when I was selling dove chocolate. Hope you have a great one! ~Whryne

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Oh, yes, yes! That was a fun party! What are you up to these days, Whryne?

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