The Chocolate Cult: Putting Her Heart into The Chocolate Walk

Monday, September 10, 2018

Putting Her Heart into The Chocolate Walk

Two months until our next Pilgrimage to The Chocolate Walk in Brown County, Indiana. Have you gotten your tickets?

No?! Get them here.

Yes! Awesome! We'll see you there.

Ronna, by my calculations, the Chocolate Walk started in 2008. Did you start off as a participant, a "walker" at the event?

Yes, I did start off as a participant but not in 2008.  I believe the first year that we participated was in either 2009 or 2010.  When our two daughters were in elementary school, for their Halloween “treats” we would purchase Chocolate Walk tickets and then have a Mom/Daughter day together.  All 3 of us grew up in Brown Co but when you live here, you rarely have the opportunity to visit the different shops and businesses in town.  It always made for a fun day together that we very much looked forward to.

How did you transition to being a volunteer for The Chocolate Walk?

A few years ago, the girls and I decided that since we had always participated in the Chocolate Walk together and they were now teenagers and old enough to serve, we would “give back” and help out that day in lieu of being participants.  

How many years have you been helping the event out?

I believe that the 2018 Chocolate Walk will be our 4th year to volunteer.

Ronna's Team Volutnteers
Last year you helped coordinate other volunteers. How did you find those volunteers and are you doing that for the 2018 event as well?

I am blessed to be a staff member of our local High School Girls Basketball team.  As our program continues to grow our head, Varsity Coach and I wanted to expose our ball players to some local, volunteering opportunities and we thought that The Humane Society/Chocolate Walk would be a wonderful way for the girls to serve and give back to their community; all while having fun and experiencing team bonding.  It was a wonderful day and the girls truly enjoyed the experience.  Coach and I have talked and we do plan for the entire team to once again volunteer for this year’s Chocolate Walk.

Do you yourself have a pet? If so, did you happen to get it through the Brown County Humane Society?

We do have a pet; Jaxen.  He is a spoiled, rotten, 8 year old a shiatzu/poodle mix.  We unfortunately did not find Jax through BCHS, but he IS a breed rescue from a puppy mill in Ohio & a VERY SPECIAL part of our family! 

What is your favorite aspect of The Chocolate Walk?

I love seeing the participants enjoying themselves that day.  They are all so friendly and you can see how much fun they’re having by the laughter and smiles on their faces.  Some of the groups of lady participants make their own, matching shirts or wear fun head bands/costume jewelry to celebrate.  It’s wonderful to see participants enjoy a day in our beautiful town while supporting our local, furry friends who are waiting for their forever homes.

If there was one thing you could change about The Chocolate Walk, what would it be?

I feel that The Chocolate Walk is pretty much purrrfect ;)  However, if I could change one thing it would be to raise the maximum amount of people that we’re able to serve/sell tickets to each year so that more people could enjoy the experience and in turn our furry friends of BCHS could receive more financial assistance.

Finally, our most important question for The Chocolate Walk. Do you like chocolate? Do you have a preference for white, milk, or dark chocolate?

Okay, please do not judge me.  I am not a chocolate fan. I know…I know, CrAzY right!??! However, I do enjoy the occasional white chocolate covered fruit or pretzel.

Thank you for the opportunity and for supporting BCHS ☺

No judgement here. In fact, I'm even more impressed that you have given so much of your time to this event even if the treats aren't your thing.

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