Saturday, October 27, 2018

Witch's Brew Truffles for Halloween

Hedonist Witch's Brew Halloween Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Truffles 2018

Our 2nd Challenge for this year's 10th Annual Halloween Treat Challenge is a brand we've known for many years -- Hedonist Artisan Chocolates. In fact, this is year is also this chocolatier's 10th anniversary, too, just like us! Their Witch's Brew truffle collection takes their chocolate covered sea salt caramels and adds in cute yet spooky images on the top. This special Halloween set drew upon local talent, Rochester artist Meghan Murphy. Each truffle is topped by one of Murphy's designs in edible white and red so the images stand out against the dark background of the truffle. Hedonist sent us a free sleeve of this special set to participate in our 10th Annual Halloween Treat Challenge; no other form of compensation was received. We'll let them and you know on Halloween 2018 who won.

First let's talk about the truffle itself then we'll look at each of the Murphy designs on them. The truffle has the dark chocolate fragrance that I love but there is a hinto of something else underneath. Since my orthodontic work is now mostly finished, I can bite into things again including sticky things like caramel so let's see if this sea salt caramel is sticky or not. I bite the Spider's Web in half and find a nicely salted, sweet and tangy, but not sticky, thick caramel center. Caramel that is thick but not sticky is actually a great thing because many folks have dental and jaw issues so this type of chocolate covered caramel is possible for them to enjoy. The flavor of the caramel blends into the dark chocolate but at the end of my chewing, the chocolate is the final taste. Exactly as I want any chocolate covered caramel to be. Now if you pop an entire one into your mouth the caramel will be more powerful but still that final flavor was the dark chocolate.

Let's look at each design more closely. One at a time. This can be your food porn for Halloween.

Spider's Web


Poison Toadstool

Vampire Fang

Mummy Bones

These are quality ingredients, handmade truffles, and I love the fact that Hedonist has turned to their local community in Rochester to support the arts with their Halloween special set in 2018. Add in the flavors and textures, and these sea salt chocolate covered truffles are Sacrament Worthy!

Hedonist Artisan Chocolate Halloween Truffles 2018

What do you think of this Witch's Brew? Leave us comments and us and Hedonist Artisan Chocolates know.

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