Saturday, November 3, 2018

Chocolate Dragon Scales

Since November is National Pepper Month it seems like a good time to look at this little piece of chocolate. For the winter holidays in 2017, my hubby and I decided to get local or nearly local goodies to send to both sets of parents. Neither his parents or mine need or want more objects but they have loved (or claimed to have loved) the food and drink gifts we've been sending them. The one thing that held us back from local treats was the low number of shops in town and the risk of sending anything food related via shipping. We decided to check out the farmers market and the downtown businesses on Small Business Saturday in 2017. Among the treats we discovered was a little company called Agley that puts out a "Famous Sweet and Spicy Dragon Scales" treat that is dark chocolate, peanuts, and habanero. My hubby and I each got a free sample and loved it so much that we got some for each set of parents. The free samples were for everyone but I told the man who made these that I'd reach out to him. Other that the sample no other form of compensation was received and there was no expectation from the vendor that I'd write this review, which as always, is as fair and objective as we can possibly be.

Inside the foil is a chunk of chocolate that has a chocolatey and lightly spicy scent to it. I broke it in half to find the peanut pieces but there was no peanut scent though the chocolate and spice fragrance increased. I tried a bit of the chocolate itself, it has a slightly waxy flavor suggesting that is may be chocolate candy coating that is used versus a chocolate baking bar; both are an easy for starting out candy and chocolate makers to acquire and use. The habanero builds up with each chew and if you let it melt in your mouth it becomes intense. The peanuts are crunchy and appear to be unsalted. I think a bit of salt would improve the flavor of the chocolate or chocolate coating and the peanuts and be a good counter to the spice which does become overwhelming after eating an entire scale.

So far, I haven't had any luck tracking him or his little business even though he told me that he started it in Bloomington and then has moved to Indianapolis. If anyone out there knows about Agley's Famous Sweet and Spicy Dragon Scales and how to find them, please ask them to get in contact with us.

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