The Chocolate Cult: Enjoy December All Month with Chocolate

Friday, November 30, 2018

Enjoy December All Month with Chocolate

Many cultures and religions have wonderful holidays in December. Please let us know if we have missed any you know about where chocolate would be appropriate for celebrating them.

1st Week of December = Cookie Cutter Week

December 1 = National Pie Day

December 4 = National Cookie Day

December 5 = National Sacher Torte Day

December 8 = National Chocolate Brownie Day; Bodhi Day

December 9 = National Pastry Day

December 12 = National Cocoa Day

December 13 = National Hot Chocolate Day (didn’t we celebrate this in January?)

December 15 = National Cookie Day, National Cupcake Day

December 16 = National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

December 28 = National Chocolate Candy Day; National Card Playing Day - More candy days? We have covered card games that have chocolate as part of them.

December 29 = National Chocolate Day

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